Will Your High-Res Screen Make You Go Back To Using A Proper Camera?

John Herrman over at Buzzfeed astutely points out that all of the flaws of cameraphones (noisy sensors, poor focus abilities, artifacts,) are being exposed now that we have large, high-resolution screens to view our images on. Is this enough of a reason to make you go back to carrying a proper, standalone camera? [Buzzfeed]


    People that are serious about photography will always carry a standalone camera (or cameras). But as long as apps like Instagram are around to "fudge" photographic skill (see what I did there?), blurry/noisy photos will still be prevalent, regardless of the resolution of your screen.

    No... Its nowhere as convenient to have a phone with you than having to also carry around a camera. But if I had to buy a standalone camera for this issue, it would be a DSLR rather than a point and shoot.

    Pureview 808 FTW! The only advantage of a P&S over the 808 is a longer optical zoom, and that argument isn't even presented here.
    The argument presented here is kinda flawed because what P&S has a high resolution display on it.

      The proposition relates to high-resolution PC monitors, not displays on portable devices... ಠ_ಠ

    I spent the money on my DSLR for a reason.

    That said, the best camera in the world is the one in your hands at the time.

      You have no right to answer the question as you never stopped using your proper camera

    Noisy sensors? I beg to differ. This was taken with my HTC One XL, no special effects.

      Would be interesting to see the full-res photo. A few of the shots from my old N95 8GB came out really, really nicely too.

      That's an optimal light situation... Try it in a darkened room... Or the same position as your current photo 20 minutes later.

        Or just bump the ISO up to 1000 or so (assuming you can do that on your cameraphone) and then show useyour result.

    No, because I would never bother taking it anywhere in the off chance of finding something worth taking a photo of.
    Also cost.
    Also phone cameras are constantly improving and are already well beyond my everyday needs.

    Nobody needs a large "retina"-grade display to tell the difference between a crappy, blurry photo and a nice one. Any decent quality 17" SXGA monitor will show up most flaws in fullscreen, and any non-retarded photo browsing software will effortlessly zoom to 100% for closer inspection. Anybody who actually cares about quality can examine it using whatever screen they already have.

    It's a quality:convenience tradeoff, same as always.

    Well trolled, Mr Herrman, well trolled indeed.

    i only ever used a real camera for holiday snaps anyway. Now I take more photos in my daily life too since getting an iPhone 4 a couple years ago.

    Recently bought a Sony compact camera that's about the size of a business card (be even better when I get it back from the repair shop, DON'T buy Sony compact cameras) to carry around and take snaps with, mobile phones don't cut the mustard.

    If your camera can send messages, get a real camera

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