Will These Water Bottle Gloves Really Make It Easier To Drink While Running?

Salomon wants to make it easier for runners and other professional athletes to re-hydrate during a workout without having to risk lowering their heartrate. But will its new Sense Hydro S-Lab gloves — which strap a water bottle to each hand for easy access — be an advantage or a hindrance?

The set won't be available until September, but it looks like they use a pair of soft plastic bottles so they can be folded up and reduced in size as they're drained. A definite advantage to having a pair of empty rigid plastic bottles strapped to your hands. The design also lets you squeeze every last drop of moisture out of the bottles using just a single hand. In fact, the only obvious disadvantage is that the heat from your palms is bound to leave you sipping luke warm water, which might not be that refreshing after all.

[Salomon via Gear Junkie]



    Ewwwww warm palm drink...

    Am I the only one that thinks this is a terrible idea?

    Warm water and extra weight in your hands. Maybe they got the idea from Edward Fortyhands.


      But yeah I also think this is a bad idea. I still like to have use of my hands while going for a run and lifting a water bottle to your mouth really isn't that much trouble.

    I keep my water in the front of my shorts. Just sayin'.

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