Why The Nexus 7 Is The Best Thing To Happen To Google Plus Yet

The Nexus 7 is a big deal. Google's had to take the 16GB model off its website because orders got too high. That's right, the company stopped it because it was too successful, and that's a good thing, not just for the tablet, but for Google+. I'd even argue that the Nexus 7 tablet is the best thing to happen to Google+ since...well, ever.

I'll admit, I have always quietly scoffed at Google+. I saw it as the company's half-baked attempt to get into social networking (which isn't far off considering it's still growing out its functionality). Google's social play was mocked more openly by the Facebook- and Twitter-faithful who regarded it merely as just another social network to put your crap onto.

But now enter the Nexus 7 -- a great value device, brilliantly made by Asus that runs the purest form of Google Android. Out of the box, it has a folder anchored to the home screen full of Google's own apps, with the new Google+ app sitting front and centre.

As I wrote in my review, the Nexus 7 is a joy to use, and that positive user experience means that more people will be inclined to click on everything they can to explore the device, and that means exploring the well-placed Google+ app.

People will dive into their new and shiny Google+ feeds and enjoy the fast, beautiful and feature-rich social experience that the app has to offer. Once they quit out, they'll head back to Facebook, and be assaulted by the old, slow, boring app that they've always had.

Those people will also realise that their Facebook News Feed is less populated with photos of friends, and is instead now clogged with inspirational quotes and promoted brands. Users will ultimately become frustrated with the crap they're seeing and wander across the street to the alternative -- Google+ -- a social network that has more satisfied users than Facebook could ever dream of, all thanks to the Nexus 7, the tablet that put this amazing app front and centre of their digital lives.

Thanks to the Nexus 7, Google+ will gain much needed traction with ordinary tablet users and not just hardcore social networking and technology junkies like you or I, and that's what we need to get all of our friends over. Gaining that critical mass is now in sight.

So if anyone wants me, I'll be tinkering on Google+ with my Nexus 7.



    I picked my N7 (LOL!) the other day and have loved every second of it. Loaded up G+ for the first time in a year and was amazed at how sexy it is. Might start using it.

      Funny you should say that Chris. I just wrote that exact piece! http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2012/07/why-the-nexus-7-is-the-best-thing-to-happen-to-google-plus-yet/

        Circular reference ftw?

        Why did you post a link to this story in the comments? :P

        About the whole Google+ thing...meh. I don't use any kind of social networking, I avoid it all. And the nexus 7 isn't going to convince me to change that at all because I see it as a pretty meh device. It may be the best android tablet so far but it still doesn't jump up at me and say "buy me". There's nothing it can do that my android phone can't already do. The only advantage is the bigger screen which is not worth 300 bucks. I mean it doesn't even have expandable memory, which for a device that's been marketed as a media consumption device is pretty poor design. I mean it would have cost them a few bucks to put a microSD card slot in there.

        So I'm going to skip it, and keep waiting for a decent tablet (android or otherwise) to show up before I enter that market. Then maybe I might sign up to google+. Maybe.

          fab .. can't wait

    haha - yeah - first thing I did Fri night - opened the box (easy!) and pretty much clicked the Google+ icon after about 5 minutes of setup...

    I'll continue to use the social network used by my friends. What's the point of a social network otherwise?

    Google+ is still a ghost town, those that have accounts don't post anything, while a couple of photographer friends spam the crap out of it.

    Promoted posts, and the continual spamming of friends posting in someone I don't even know thread filling up my news feed on facebook though is getting old.If facebook is going to continue down this path, the least they can do is fix the block user feature. The thing has been broken for at least 12 months!

    I am absolutely delighted to see a positive article on Giz about Google, thank you Luke, your positivity is greatly appreciated, have a great week mate! :)

    Scoffed? I don't use Google+, but it is polished and refined - it absolutely destroys facebook in all ways especially transparency. Only problem is that no one but geeks use it.

      What is wrong with Geeks?

        Indeed. As someone said, Facebook has people you know, and wish you didn't, Google+ has people you don't know, and wish you did.

          Pretty much. I know my feed usually contains a lot of interesting posts.

          It's funny how people who hardly use it seem to continually say it's a ghost town. It's SOCIAL media, if you don't post and don't add anyone of course there isn't going to be any content. It's not like there aren't a heap of people using it and posting things.

      " Only problem is that no one but geeks use it."

      This is the opposite of a problem

    I really wish they'd ship mine, I only ordered it ages ago.

    Literally got mine 20mins ago. I am so in luuurv right now... Google+ does indeed look awesome on this thing too.

    Really? The interface in google+ app is polished, but its much easier to do everything in the facebook app, less "clicks". Path leaves both of them for dead.

      Only in some respects. For many things on FB you have to dig in through nested and extremely unintuitive sub-menus to find what you need, both in the ap and the web versions.

    haven't really opened my g+ for about 8 months now, can't even remember my password, i bet it's still a sausage fest in there

    I don't think I'll use Google+. I thought I'd sign up and had a look at my profile and what-the-F, it uploaded everything sitting in my Nexus 7 photos and "personal" videos to be public.
    I just don't need this type of shit.

      Welcome to Android.

      As soon as you let it on the internet it's like a kid in a candy store (or lolly shop in Australia I suppose) and tries to sync up with just about everything it can, especially if you use the same login for gmail/google+/google play, which I assume you do.

      You need to manually manage that stuff if you don't want it synced. That's the reality of Android.

      They're not public. Anything instant-uploaded is only visible to you, when signed in. You have to explicitly make them public, if that's what you want.

      Try viewing your profile when signed out, or use the View As button (top middle).

      Instant Upload doesn't make anything public, it just uploads your photos and videos to the cloud. You can share it with a click or two from Google+ but it's all private until you say otherwise.

    You'd be surprised..
    G+ is an amazing experience, but you have to get the content/people/circles to fill up your streams.
    Its the only social network i use. I'm always amazed at people who say its a ghost town, theres all manners of people here, rich and famous / geeks/ authors / film fans / comic nerds / teachers / policemen / mechanics etc etc.

    Ive actually gotten more out of g+ in the last year than in 4years + of facebook.

      Sounds like you use it more like Twitter, ie, follow people you don't know, than facebook where you interact with people you do.

    But nobody I know uses G+, and I'm not interested in adding people I don't know to my circles ( I have RSS for that). A really good app does not make it a good experience, it's the people. When my friends start using G+, it might make some sense.

      I was the same; I use RSS more, but I've had some very interesting conversations and come across some new ideas, since I circled a few of the people behind the RSS feeds.

      As someone who doesn't use ANY kind of social media, I find this statement strange.

      So you don't want to use Google+, because none of your friends use it. Once your friends start using it, then you will too. Well, okay, that's all fine and dandy, but if your friends are thinking with the same attitude as you, they won't join either. Maybe they are waiting for their friends to join before they do.

      Someone needs to take the plunge and join. Then your friends will see you there and say "Hey, Dan German is on Google+, I might join up".

      It works both ways.

      But like I said, I avoid any kind of social media, so what would I know. I did run a website for quite a while though, and website forums use the same kind of logic. "I'm not gonna join because there's no threads that interest me" Well join the forum and make a thread to talk about what you want to talk about!

    G+ might be amazing, but that means **** all for social networking. Until my friends all have it, I'm just staring at a blank feed.

      Thats because your being boring and not following other people of interest such as the Google founders, NASA, etc etc......I'm quite sure there are plenty of big name people (singers, actors, politicians, etc) that you have interest in and would like to get updates on? You'll keep staring at a blank feed as long as you wish to be boring

    Guys! I have an extremly wonderful idea! We should make an "Official Move to Google+, from Facebook Day" on the 29th of august. Until that everybody has time to invite their friends to this event, and 1 month from now we can change alltogether with our friends!

    Everybody want to change to Google+, but nobody dares to make the first step.

    What do y'all think about that?

      Sling me an invite.

        It's not ready yet. What should I make in you opinion, a facebook site, a fb group or a fb event?

        Luke, maybe you could post it somewhere on Gizmodo, couldn't you?


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