Why The Nexus 7 Is The Best Thing To Happen To Google Plus Yet

Why The Nexus 7 Is The Best Thing To Happen To Google Plus Yet

The Nexus 7 is a big deal. Google’s had to take the 16GB model off its website because orders got too high. That’s right, the company stopped it because it was too successful, and that’s a good thing, not just for the tablet, but for Google+. I’d even argue that the Nexus 7 tablet is the best thing to happen to Google+ since…well, ever.

I’ll admit, I have always quietly scoffed at Google+. I saw it as the company’s half-baked attempt to get into social networking (which isn’t far off considering it’s still growing out its functionality). Google’s social play was mocked more openly by the Facebook- and Twitter-faithful who regarded it merely as just another social network to put your crap onto.

But now enter the Nexus 7 — a great value device, brilliantly made by Asus that runs the purest form of Google Android. Out of the box, it has a folder anchored to the home screen full of Google’s own apps, with the new Google+ app sitting front and centre.

As I wrote in my review, the Nexus 7 is a joy to use, and that positive user experience means that more people will be inclined to click on everything they can to explore the device, and that means exploring the well-placed Google+ app.

People will dive into their new and shiny Google+ feeds and enjoy the fast, beautiful and feature-rich social experience that the app has to offer. Once they quit out, they’ll head back to Facebook, and be assaulted by the old, slow, boring app that they’ve always had.

Those people will also realise that their Facebook News Feed is less populated with photos of friends, and is instead now clogged with inspirational quotes and promoted brands. Users will ultimately become frustrated with the crap they’re seeing and wander across the street to the alternative — Google+ — a social network that has more satisfied users than Facebook could ever dream of, all thanks to the Nexus 7, the tablet that put this amazing app front and centre of their digital lives.

Thanks to the Nexus 7, Google+ will gain much needed traction with ordinary tablet users and not just hardcore social networking and technology junkies like you or I, and that’s what we need to get all of our friends over. Gaining that critical mass is now in sight.

So if anyone wants me, I’ll be tinkering on Google+ with my Nexus 7.