Who Knew Getting Stitches In Your Eyeball Could Be So Beautiful?

Reddit user Philawesomeraptor's girlfriend recently received a cornea transplant for a condition called keratoconus, which causes structural changes to the cornea, and drastically distorts vision. These are her stitches.

There are other images of cornea stitches out there, but this one is especially beautiful. Apparently she is doing well, and her vision is improving in the eye that was operated on, so good news all around. [Reddit]


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    Holy crap. I have keratoconus in my left eye, but thankfully it hasn't degraded drastically enough to need a transplant. That thing looks amazing but also cringe-inducing.

    I have had corneal transplants for Kerataconus in both of my eyes, first one at 17 and second at 22. Its amazing that they can do this and I am thankful every day that I live in an age when it is possible. The biggest problem with this is people's reluctance to donate their eyes, I implore everyone to please donate their eyes when they die so that more miracles like this can happen.

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    I've also had corneal transplants in both my eyes because of Kerataconus, first one at 18 second at 23, It's a wonderful thing that I can see now (before I'd have to have my nose pressed to a monitor to read anything, now i have 20/20 vision)
    It's a beautifully tragic thing.. I know at least one of my corneas is from an infant.. I feel sorry for the family (whoever they may be) but I'm forever grateful that they have provided me with vision (and probably others with other health improvements)

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