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        Buenos dias! Anyone pick up any sweet tech gear this weekend?

          I picked up a set of Logitech Z323 2.1 speakers for my PC.

          They are a bit small but i dont listen to music all that loud so they work perfectly for what i will them for.

            They're a good set of speakers for the price.
            I've had a set of them for about a year now, and I love them.

          I purchased UDraw for PS3 for my young daughters.
          Its wonderful! The smallest(22months) struggles a little with the stylus but can "finger paint" like a champ on it :)

            So nobody unboxed their Nexus 7 on the weekend then?

              Possibly... But they're still trying to open the box :)


          Buenos dias! Anyone pick up any sweet tech gear this weekend?

          I made the plunge this week and grabbed myself an ultrabook using tax return money. First new laptop about 3 years. Can't say I'm disappointed so far :)

    Hi all.
    I would like to get an opinion on camera body that I'd like to buy used from a friend who's a photographer. It's a Canon 1Ds Mark II.
    Any suggestions?

    Level with me guys, does anyone care about the Olympics?

      I do, there is a 2 week Simpsons, futurama, Family Guy marathon while the Olympics are on.

      Other then that, no i dont care for the Olympics.

        +1 unlike the old days where there was only 5 channels to choose from, it's far easier to ignore now.

    I just get sick of the commentators telling us how the Sydney Olympics were the "greatest ever! " get over it guys, it was 12 years ago!

    Anyone noticed that since the Olympics started this morning, and 9/WIN + Gem are bot simulcasting, the bitrate of Go! has bottomed out?

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