Which Computer Was Your Favourite?

Generally speaking, technology improves. But that doesn't always mean that the latest computer to pop off the production line is automatically our favourite. Sometimes we look back at that older, slower, less capable device more fondly than we do with what we have now.

For me, it was the Macintosh SE. It was hardly new when I got it as a kid in 1993, and it certainly did less than other computers I had used. But it was the first computer that was mine. All mine. And I loved it for that. I think I stretched the limits of what that computer could do to the max, and I was a little sad when it became too obsolete even for me. So out of all the computers you've ever owned, which one was your favourite and why?

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    Allow me to go one step further. The Mac SE30. Those things were absolutely bulletproof. In their day, they were really fast, easy to use and completely reliable. They were grossly overpriced, but still a winner in my eyes.

    The Amiga 500 was the first I bought — my first work one was the Mac SE as well (used it for rudimentary graphic design back in the day). But when I bought that Amiga and plugged it into my tiny colour TV and played the original Syndicate for the first time...

    For me it was the MircoBee. The First computer I owed where programs where a box which you typed up and saved to a tape

      Absolutely! I cut my computing teeth on a Microbee and to this day it is my fondest computer memory. (Except accidentally hitting the reset button instead of Right Shift from time to time!)

      i hated microbee. our school got one microbee, which went to a new classroom every month. i was the only person at school who could "make this thing work". so i was the 10yr old one man (boy) it department. where the computer went, i went. i spent nearly a year teaching people how to play kracken.

    nice one sid, I too have very fond memories of my Amiga 500 but for me my favourite has to be my trusty old Commodore 64, again first pc I owned, could run it on my little 34cm or on the "massive" 51cm family tv. Such awesome times were spent in heavily pixelated heaven.

    Amiga 500 and still have and use an Amiga 1200 today. Fantasic cult computer range.

      +1 Amiga 500. I remember seeing one for the first time. My mate was playing SWIV. I nearly creamed my pants with the amazing colours / speed and graphics. I knew I HAD to get one!

      Xenon 2, Lemmimgs, Gods... GODS, omg! I actually still have the Floppy for that still kicking about somewhere (but no Amiga any more). Lotus Esprit, Another World, Shadow of the Beast, Flashback, Worms, Monkey Island. Might have to check eBay for an old 500 now.

      +1 Amiga 500. Extensive range of games and the graphics still amaze me to this day. Loved PP Hammer, It Came from the Desert, Lemmings, Shadow of the Beast. All classic games. Back then it left the PC for dead!

    The commodore 64 ! My first computer in 1985. Had a modem , got on viatel and bbs and downloaded like there was no tomorrow before any one knew or heard of the Internet ! The games rocked !

      wow never knew you could do that when I was 8 playing my 64, I had to go old school and go to my mates places after school to copy their collections.

    The computer I loved the most was my first server. I built it in to a bed side table as I didn't have any room in the small apartment I was sharing at the time. It was only a Pentium 166, 128MB RAM and a 4GB HDD but it ran my website, e-mail and Internet gateway for some 8-9 years. After it spent a few years collecting dust in the garage I finally put it out for hard rubbish but with a heavy heart. It was the server than hadn't failed on me once.

    Yep Amiga 500 and AMiga 1200. I was an absolute Amiga nut. I hung onto till 1997. The amount of stuff i did on that such as video work, 3D rendering, playing Zool, Stunt Car Racer, F1 and Rainbow ISlands. Man. I still have it and need to get it hooked up to an LCD monitor. Have the old Commodore monitor still but its too big and bulky to get out easily

    Commodore 64. I had one of those new fangled disk drives with the groovy coloured lines and the red bulb that flashed as the machine whirled and clicked.

    Commodore 64. I had about 4 of them up until about 5 years ago. Apparently my favourite game when I was 3 or 4 was one called Purple Turtles. You had to cross a stream/river by jumping on the backs of the turtles before they dived under water.

    I could list many many games I enjoyed on that computer *sigh* rose tinted glasses and all

    Amiga 500 - No Question. Remember buying from Grace Bros for $1100, going home and playing F-18 Intercepter for 6 hours straight.

      did you have SWIV or silk worm IV? Amazing game.

        Yes. SWIV was great. As was Stunt Car Racer , F1GP, Falcon, Wings, Cannon Fodder was great. Not just games...I did lots of uni work on it. Ended with a CD32. I still have the 500 in its box.

          There was also a great golf game but not sure of the name... Leaderboard maybe?

    my 1st 486 PC.... after sitting on 286/386 etc
    this one was running like a dream! I think that was about the same time when I got my color screen crazy gaming at times when no one really cared about graphics

      My very first comp was a green screen 386 (that my dad built for me) with a whopping 10MB HDD. The most I could ever play on it was [email protected] I was pretty gutted actually, as my mates were starting to get the first colour computers.... with 'real' games.

      I think the first school computer we had (note I said the singular tense - it was shared between 300 students) was an IBM 'Acorn'.

    Loved my Microsoft Telcom85, 32kb and tape drive, 8 ROMS to boot into to save having to load programs from tape.

    But I did have a liking for a Microbee 128K Premium, running CPM and colour screen.

    Both Machines you could build your own hardware experiments, using the hardware hackers breakout kit (sold seperately), or plugin the BeeTalker for text to speach and you could not go anywhere without your BeeModem with fast 1200/75 or the slower 300baud.

    Hands down the Commodore 64. It was like injecting pure happiness into my 10-year-old veins, and I still feel that glow whenever I think about it. The best games, the best music/effects, and the greatest collection of talented studios and one-man bands creating games like The Last Ninja, Way of the Exploding Fist, Boulderdash, California/Summer/Winter/World Games, any simulator from Microprose, Commando, Paradroid, Uridium, Elite, Ghostbusters, Infocom and Magnetic Scrolls adventures, International Karate, Leaderboard, Little Computer People, Maniac Mansion, Raid Over Moscow, Rambo, Rock'n'Wrestle, Sentinel, Sim City, Skyfox, Spy vs Spy, Turrican, Wizball, Yie Ar Kung Fu and everything from Cinemaware. Then there's the great SID-musicians like Ron Hubbard, Martin Galway, Ben Daglish, Chris Hulsbeck, and Reyn Ouwehand (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8UBY8Yj9c0). Relive the whole shooting match at: http://www.lemon64.com

      i kind of agree the 64,fuck how long ago was that,supose i'm old now.

        And why did t the big game exhibition in Melbourne have anything on th c64 or the Amiga? Massive oversight!

    Ruby Red iMac (2nd Gen). Love that beast. Still sitting under my desk. Can't bear to let it go.

    While I'm very fond of the c64 being my 1st, it's amd k6 350mhz based machine (overclocked to 530 or some such lol) with "massive" vid card and top notch SB Live 5.1... mainly cause it made Half Life look and sound wicked!!

    Our very first Olivetti 386.... windows 3.10 like a CHAMP!
    Ski free'd my heart out... first encounter with Wolfenstein and Doom... loved the crap out that machine...
    am i the only one that miss the old monotonous clickings and whirrings from machines of yester year?
    it felt like a weekend when i woke up and booted up the machine to the happy sound of the POST RAM count....

    my amiga 2000 was unreal. especially when i got a 20mb HDD. and then a x86 board for it.


      Remember the Star Wars Imperial Walker demo that 2000 owners used to always run. Impressive for the time.

    I've had computers since the commodore/amiga days and my favourite computer is my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Yes.. that computer in my pocket. It can do so much useful stuff and is so easy to stuff around with and learn. I can plug it into a big tv, I can connect a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to it, I can monitor my bikes rides (and heart rate at the smae time) it lasts several days on a single charge, I can connect to the the cloud to access all my music and files, it's open source and based on linux, it has so many bits of useful hardware stuffed into it etc etc.

    What we can do with modern smart phones is insane. You just have to figure out what you want it to do for you. Bring on the future!!

    Every computer I have ever owned has been made to look like the steaming pile of camel dung it was by the one I replaced it with. Therefore, my favourite computer is my current computer because it makes my life easier in every way than all that went before could ever have hoped to.

    Still have my Atari PC3, 10" Monochrome monitor, 3.25" Disk drive and all...

    Acorn Archimedes. When I first sat down on one of those in about 1992, I was so blown away that I've been hooked ever since.

    +1 Amiga

    Amiga 500, and the 1200 - way ahead and stayed way ahead of all other computers for a long time in terms of graphics, simplicity and speed. Wish I still had a 1200 - I'd be using it right now. Shame what the competition did to it when Commodore went into receivership (dragged out the proceedings for so long the competition caught up with the Amiga's specs/ability).

    Original Macintosh 512K (yes a total memory of 512 Kb), as it was my first. Damn expensive, but it had real soul. The envy of my mates, as they were still using DOS command line. Totally lame in comparison. How far we've come in one generation.

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