When Applying For A Job At Google, Don’t Be A Racist Jerk

When Applying For A Job At Google, Don’t Be A Racist Jerk

Justin Ching works on TV ads for Google and needed a web designer. He interviewed David Bernett, and kept him in consideration for the position afterwards. Then Bernett sent him a horribly racist email, invoking Asian slurs, for reasons unknown to all other parties involved.

Bernett’s short email read as follows:

Dear Justin Ching Chang Chong,

I have ching changed my mind



A Reddit poster claiming to be involved in the matter had the following to say:

The client here is my friend. He and I were looking for a web developer. This guy responds to our CL post and we reply with our phone number to set up a call. A week goes by, no call, so we sent a follow up email. He replies with this. Unprovoked, out of the blue and totally unprofessional. However this guy maintains a job in San Francisco in TECH while being such a racist is a mystery to me.

The tech industry — especially Silicon Valley — already has the reputation of being a group that, while not entirely hostile to non-white, non-males, seems perfectly OK with its state of homogeneity. Bernett’s email is an extreme case, and he definitely appears to be trolling in the absolute worst of ways, but it certainly doesn’t help the tech world at large shed that stigma at all. We are all better people than this. [meeshiemoshie]