Watch The Firefly 10th Anniversary Panel In Its Entirety

You can't stop the signal. Not when the signal is Firefly's 10th anniversary panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2012!

This is on my watching list for when I get home so don't any of you spoil it for me, shiny?



    *spoiler alert* There was only one season and one movie!!!!!! OMG

      u have to wonder if the actors are thinking the same thing while being quizzed by fanatical fans... kinda like when shatner hated conventions

    That was a whole shittonne of applause!

    Joss Whedon comes out
    *camera flies into air*
    What happened there?

    Its a shame they killed the series...

    Great panel video, loved both Firefly and Serenity.

    I say if they can still make Star trek movies why not more Firefly/Serenity movies?

      Because Josh gave up on it - he went onto other projects.
      Sometimes you just don't have the drive to do it any more at least I think that is what it is.

    Summer, Will you marry me?

    I just wish the cast would PUT THEIR F**KING PHONES DOWN. Contrary to popular belief, things do happen without pics. If you must, at least put it down after the first 2 minutes.

    We will never give up. Firefly and Serenity have the biggest fan base behind torchwood!!! You can't stop the Serenity!!!!

    No Jewel Staite and no Morena Baccarin makes that video an almost pointless sausage-fest.

    I really wish I could have gone to Comic Con... Unfortunately I live in Australia :( It would have been AMAZING!

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