Was This Beautiful Kettle Inspired By A London Landmark?

As far as electric kettles go, DeLonghi's Brilliante is a run-of-the-mill way to heat water. There's no timer, no temperature settings, not even a whistle. But what it lacks in functionality, it makes up for with a faceted body reminiscent of London's 30 St Mary Axe tower.

The Brilliante does at least have an auto shut-off when water starts to boil. While DeLonghi also boasts that the kettle turns itself off when removed from its 360-degree base, we're not entirely sure that's a real feature. It's like boasting a TV automatically turns itself off when you unplug it from the wall. So we'll leave it up to you to decide if its stealth-like design warrants a $US90 price tag given how little it actually does. [John Lewis via The Fancy]

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