New Android Apps: Untappd, Ticketmaster, First Aid And More

New Android Apps: Untappd, Ticketmaster, First Aid And More

This batch of the best Android apps is all about getting you ready for the weekend so that you can do the next one properly. There’s an guide to help you find what beers to drink, a new game, and a first aid app. Don’t worry about a thing; all your bases are covered.

The Dark Knight Rises: Drop yourself right into a game inspired by the conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. You’ve got to become Batman in order to save Gotham City from Bane. Time to put on your virtual cape and take on the bad guys. $7.49[clear]

Untappd: There are countless brews out there for you to try. But which one will you like? This social app will help you discover new beers to try as well as identify the bars near you that have them. What an excuse to drink! Free[clear]

First Aid – American Red Cross: There are a lot of ways someone can be injured in the summer — firecrackers, sunburns, and hopefully not drowning. So be prepared for the worst with this app, which gives you advice on how to handle your scrapes and bruises and even natural disasters. Free[clear]

Ticketmaster: Ticketmaster is a pain in the arse, and nothing is going to change that. But if you want to go to a concert, often times you’ll have to go through them. And now you can do it on the go from your Android phone. Free[clear]

DjRun: It’s hard to work out, let alone run, without the right soundtrack. Using your phone’s accelerometers, this app promises to give you the perfect playlist to match your your pace to keep your motivation up and your feet moving. Free[clear]