Thousands Of Aussies Receive Same Text Message Death Threat

A hoax text message from a self-proclaimed hitman was sent to thousands of people around the country. It warned them to not contact the police, under threat of death.

The government has advised anyone who has received emails or text messages to ignore them and not engage or send money to the scammer(s). If you have received the text, you're advised to report it to the government's SCAMWatch page or call the ACCC Infocentre on 1300 302 502 with details of the text and phone number.

Here's an example of the message. Have you been affected?

"Sum1 paid me to kill you. get spared, 48hrs to pay $US5000. If you inform the police or anybody, death is promised. E-mail me now: [email protected]"

Emails to killerking24 receive a failure to deliver notification. [SCAMwatch and BNO News]



    maybe now certain authorities will take it seriously that Australian mobile phone users get spam SMS's from overseas.. Apparently I won an Apple competition in the US last week - or at least that's what the SMS I received said.

      I once 'won' a US Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

      I have even better, I won an Apple competition in the UK when I don't even own an apple. I am not sure how these scammers get anyone.

        Pfft... I won 1 million euros a few weeks ago.

          I regularly get ads on apps saying my android number has won a prize. Trouble is, I have an iPhone, running iPhone apps? :3

    I got a phone call from microsoft about fixing my broken windows computer. I run Linux.

      I get a lot of calls from that lot. I also run linux on most of my machines. I have wasted much time leading them on and generally messing with them. Now I make it a game to see how quickly I can make them hang up on me. "Do you realise that you have called Microsoft R&D Security Dept." is my personal fav. , just "you have called Microsoft" works equally well. Most frequent response "Oh Ummm ... Beep beep beep"

        I love getting those tech support calls and love messing with them. I like to lead them on and then tell them I'm a computer technician. They usually hang up pretty quickly after that. What I don't understand is that they keep calling...I mean surely after a few times they would blacklist the number or something right?

        The sad part is though, there ARE people out there that fall for this stuff, and so for every one of us who don't buy the bullshit, there's probably a bunch of people that do because they are absolutely clueless when it comes to computers.

        I have much more fun leading them on for as long as possible.

        I wish I had recorded the string of expletives I heard when, after nearly an hour and a half, I said, "Oh wait, this is my microwave."

      After getting 6 or so 'repair windows 7 computer' phone calls over 2 weeks I kept them on the line pretending for a while until I got bored trying to understand the thick Indian accent then said a rather mild 'stop trying to scam me or my parents, p*$$ off'. My parents had also been getting them previously and it was upsetting my very elderly mum..

      They called back immediately and threatened to kill me and burn my family.
      Shortly after an Indian doorknocker called from Telstra, despite Telstras promise that nobody from them would ever contact me for marketing again. So they probably weren't Telstra and did not get a friendly welcome.

      Government and Telecos are powerless to catch scammers and stop death threats to people in their homes.
      Saying it is a scam and to be alert doesn't stop people getting very angry.

        Yeah, my brother gets them a bit, and strings them along for as long as he can, because he figures the longer you do, the less time they have to scam someone who may actually fall for it. It's a noble cause, but you have to have time to spare/waste to do it.
        He usually strings them along: "oh hang on, it must be my other computer, it takes a while to boot..... *puts phone down, waits 5 minutes*" and then goes on to say eventually "oh yeah, i've got this pop-up box, hang on, I'll read it to you........ oh, it says that YOU'RE A LIAR AND A CHEAT AND I DONT KNOW HOW YOU SLEEP AT KNIGHT.... etc. etc. "

          I've strung them along to the point where they try to get you to log into a hamachi account for them to remote into your PC with. Next time I get the call, I want to have VM set up so that they can try screwing around with it and installing all this crap, and see how long it takes for them to realise. I don't much like wasting my time though, so I'll most likely hang up on them... again... and again.

      I used to string these callers along, I used to get their abuse too. Now I just say "Oh thanks for calling! What you did last time fixed everything. Thanks again, bye." Gets rid of them without bad feeling and stops them wasting my time.

    I have won the euro lottery many times. Probably close to 300million (euros) all up.
    And also my 'uncle' who apparently lived in Spain 'died' recently. I had all his inheritance, all I had to do was pay legal costs...

    I can't believe anybody would fall for this. I mean who uses yahoo email?

      oohhhhh... that... that's comment of the day right there. :D (would also have worked for hotmail, tho not as well)

    It's always worth keeping an Arnie Soundboard link handy for scam calls. "I'M A COP YOU IDIOT!"

    If a real contract killer did that, they'd lose business VERY quickly. Noone would hire them.

    Also, the way it's written as though it's a teenage girl...

    'Lol omg sum1 totes payd me 2 murdr u, if u pay liek $5000 i wont kill u lol."

    "Emails to killerking24 receive a failure to deliver notification."

    That's probably because it's killerking247 ;)

    Two questions for anyone who thought this was real:
    1. How important are you that you think someone would put a hit out on you

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        Most of us, MotorMouth, wouldn't even need to be asked in certain commenters' cases ;)

    I got a speeding fine in New York, I've never been there either. Technology these days....

    Whenever I get a call to sell printer toner and stuff, I always make them wait while I get someone capable of handling the call, then I sit them down and keep working, occasionally making fart sounds, or sounds like I'm carrying the phone around. They don't call back.

    I've helped ~35 princesses and grieving widows transfer funds for a small percentage of the total.
    I have won various international lotteries.
    My winnings/trader's fees have netted me a healthy 4.7 billion US Dollars.

    I've also got a 12' package.

    I like to think it is the work of a super efficient assassin from Germany with a heart of gold. I suppose we will see tomorrow.

    only 12'?

    No , I did not get one... apparently I am not a member of the 'popular' set. So not fair

    No , I did not get one... apparently I am not a member of the 'popular' set. So not fair

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