This Video From Space Shows US Army Creating An Island

The US Army has been creating an island since 1998 off the northeast coast of the United States. Slowly, the US Army Corps of Engineers built concrete dikes to establish its perimeter, and they've spent more than decade filling them with mud.

Its name: Poplar Island.

Fortunately, no weird stuff is going on there (that we know of, anyway). Poplar Island, which is rising in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, is 48km south of Baltimore Harbor, where all the mud is coming from.

Right now, the island is a wildlife sanctuary, home to 170 species of birds, including terns and bald eagles, as well as hundreds of diamondback terrapins.

The images for this time-lapse were taking by a Landsat satellite, which is managed by NASA and the US Geological Survey. [US Army and Flickr]

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    "The US Army"
    "no weird stuff is going on there"
    "the island is a wildlife sanctuary"
    Oh right.
    Nothing to see here.
    Mhmmm, ok. Sure.

    Doesn't really say much as to what's going on here.

    It's not like they randomly decided to build a wildlife island. That thing represents a lot of time and money, so it has to have 'some' reason other than the pretty birdies and terrapins, wouldn't you think.?

    I grew up in that part of th e world. Talk about a misleading headline. The US Army isn't creating a new island, they are using dredge material from the inner harbor in Baltimore. to rebuild the island which has been slowly disappearing. They need to continually dredge the harbor to keep shipping channels open. Rather than just dumping the mud and muck in open water in the bay which is what they used to do, they've decided to reclaim the island.

    Well of course they were going to build an island. Osama Bin Ladin has to live somewhere!

    It may have nothing there now but I think if it was ever needed it could be converted into a wonderful defensive position. Just plonk a few guns down and a radar array and you're ready to boogie.

    Jurassic Park... HAVE WE LEARNT NOTHING!

    pshhh... that image just shows what's on the surface. building a 'wildlife sanctuary' provides a sufficient cover story don't you think?

    I hope they are more successful building this than they were with the work they did on the Mississippi a few years back. I guess this new work isn't for the benefit of African Americans so it may be OK.

    Something dodgy... Video is now not allowed to be viewed...

    They obviously built this island to start a new race of people who only eat exotic birds.

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