This Next-Gen Xbox Leak Almost Looks Legit

As a general rule I had decided to completely ignore all "next-gen" console rumours -- basically because there were so many of them and they couldn’t all be accurate! But Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry has put together a pretty compelling case that one of the earlier leaks may actually have been a real thing. Interesting stuff.

I usually take these leaks with a the proverbial pinch of salt (as opposed to an actual pinch of salt) but Eurogamers seems to have confirmed some of the details with local developers working with new dev kits, so it looks like some of the details may actually be correct.

Specs wise, it looks like the console will feature 8GB of RAM, and will feature an eight-core CPU. Those interested in reading more about the tech would be well advised to head to Eurogamer for more info. [Eurogamer]

Republished from Kotaku Australia

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    Before you get to excited the article says that dev systems usually have double the ram of the target system and the 8-core cpu is properly an 8-core Intel Atom.

      i can easily imagine the ram indeed being only 4, as many of my mates are still running new games off 4gig gaming machines, the consoles tend to have a very lean OS, ie running battlefield 3 on 360, when the 360 has only 512mb of ram AFAIK

      however the 8 core atom doesnt make much sense, when gaming it always makes sense to have a higher clockspeed over amount of cores, you just add more cores when you cant raise the clockspeed further, so its more likely that they would have say a highly clocked 4 core than a low clocked 8 core

        Heat and power drain, even an i5 quad would melt in the size case consoles fit in.

          How do you figure that? An i7 equipped ultra book or MBA is a lot smaller than a games console and they don't melt.

          I have a Home Theater PC right next to my xbox and it's roughly the same size running an i5 2400 no problems. I have to make use of trying to put low profile parts into it and work around the case design, xbox dont have to worry about that because they can build the whole setup in whatever design they need and make it themselves.

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