This Must Be The Stupidest Way To Fire One Of The World's Deadliest Cannons

This is the 155mm Field Howitzer 77. It's one of the deadliest artillery pieces in the world. It was manufactured by Swedish weapons company Bofors in the 80s, but this model is new — a complete mechanical and electronics overhaul over the old one.

It is called the 155mm Field Howitzer 77 B02. The Indian Army is retrofitting 410 of them for deployment in 2013.

Watch them demonstrating it to the public in this hilarious video. It makes you think the whole thing is a joke until the terrifying explosion at the end.

I don't know why they need such a deadly weapon. Looking at this, they can probably kill their enemies by dancing like this in front of them. They can actually kill them by mailing them this GIF. [Thanks Michael!]

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