This Is What iOS 6's Passbook Will Look Like In Action

The next great iPhone software is still in beta mode and yet to be made available in Australia, but we're already excited about digitising some of the crap in our wallets with Passbook. For frequent travellers, it'll be a godsend.

The video experiment above comes from, a company that hopes to make money helping other companies create cards for your iPhone wallet -- gift vouchers, airline passes, sandwich of the month clubs, etc. Passkit's lead developer (and his adorable daughter) gave the system a spin by replicating boarding passes for Thai Airways in the hopes that no old-fashioned paper documentation would be needed to fly.

The experiment failed -- Hong Kong International Airport wasn't ready for paperless jet-setting.

Scanning travel passes from a phone is nothing new, but consolidating all of your papers and passes and tickets into one central, graceful app is a novelty -- a novelty that doesn't work yet. But if a little girl can handle the gist of it, then Apple's done something right. Now it just needs to be made more widely available.



    Unless there's an open standard, you're going to have the same problem there is right now with coffee card apps. There's dozens of them already, most coffee shops use different apps, so now instead of having to have 10-20 cardboard loyalty cards in my wallet for different locations I go to, I'm going to have to have a dozen apps.

    I see google wallet and apple passbook as the same. Every location you wish to use them will have to support both, which none will do. There'll be other third party programs that decide to replicate this functionality too, so we'll need even more apps (Commbank Kaching, anyone?) that do the exact same thing, depending on which stores we frequent and locations we visit. It'll be hell trying to keep track of it all.

      Apple's passbook will probably see this whole mobile payments become mainstream. If the next iphone has nfc (why would you bother with passbook otherwise), the industry will probably adopt it as the standard because for whatever reason, apple seems to get the ball rolling on mass adoption. It would be great if tech was standardised and i dont see why it wouldnt be. nfc is nfc and barcodes on screen are the same regardless of device. hopefully everyone can see this and adopt a uniform standard that works cross platform otherwise we will be constantly swapping apps as you say. I will not be too excited if everyone tries to make exclusivity deals with each other... it just won't work.

        Vendors will not implement new tech out of the goodness of their nonexistant corporate hearts. There needs to be a big demand for it or a big cost savings for them. And without a device/an industry to lead the charge there will never be enough demand for it.
        Just because it doesnt work that well right now doesnt mean it will never work.

    Not sure if this is really a big deal, but if i was him I wouldn't want to be post a clear image of my daughter's passport on youtube. It is just full name and birth date etc, but still not sure i would want to post it. You can probbly read the passport number and potentially other important info which doesn't seem like a great idea. Sorry if I am being retarded/paranoid.

      Retarded? No. Paranoid? Maybe a bit.

    He talks as if Thai Airways have an obligaion to accept his uofficial boarding passes. They do not. If they want to use Paper for whatever reason (maybe an electronic copy would be easie to forge on the fly) then that is up to them, paper from boading passes is not that much anyway, and it's probably recycled.

    I use my pad to board domestically and have never had any issues. I guess the problem we have now is that security generally pays more attention when dealing with international transit and will look at the medium and not just the bar-code....

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