These Glasses Will Make Your Veins Glow So Nurses Won't Have To Keep Stabbing You

If you're looking for a pair of futuristic glasses that have realistic, earth-shifting implications, check out these frames by 2AI Labs being tested by doctors right now (hmm? not who you were thinking?). They can make your veins glow so nurses can easily spot them, show a change in hemoglobin colour to locate trauma and can be used to monitor how a patient is really feeling.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? The technology in the O2Amp glasses is rooted in understanding the connection between our colour vision and blood physiology. Filters were built with that understanding to enhance 'blood vision' so doctors can more easily process information on what's happening inside your body. It basically amplifies our changing oxygen levels under our skin and associates certain colours with different causes.

The colour chart breaks it down for people to understand. Seeing green would mean someone is sick, seeing red could mean embarrassed and so on. Though 2AI sees applications of the amplified blood vision of the O2Amps in arenas like security, sport, poker and dating, 2AI believes its most useful in the medical field. Specifically they've built three different filters:

  • A vein-finder, or oxygenation-isolator, that amplifies perception of oxygenation modulations under the skin (and eliminates perception of variations in the concentration of hemoglobin),
  • A trauma-detector, or hemoglobin-concentration-isolator, that amplifies perception of hemoglobin concentrations under the skin (and eliminates perception of variations in oxygenation), and
  • A general clinical enhancer, or oxygenation-amplifier, that combines the best features of the first two; it eliminates neither signal (i.e., it retains perception of both variation in Hemoglobin oxygenation and concentration), and only amplifies perception of oxygenation.

The O2Amp glasses are actually being tested out in two hospitals at the moment, with doctors who have worn the glasses confirming their usefulness. Sounds a lot more important than Internet-enabled webcams tied to purposefully wacky frames, if you ask me. [2AI via PSFK]

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    Sounds absolutely awesome :) Your veins will forever thank you.

    and junkies rejoice in streets everywhere! lol

      If only junkies could afford to buy anything other than their "junk"

    as someone in the health profession i can undoubtedly tell you this is pointless. I can see pallor and cyanosis without glasses and get a better reading with pulse oximetry. You take blood from veins by feel, not by sight. utterly pointless

      "utterly pointless"

      And then you have doctors who have actually used them -
      "with doctors who have worn the glasses confirming their usefulness."

      j: you are a closed-minded idiot.

      Just because you're not smart enough to see the benefits doesn't mean that it's pointless.

      Having watching the sheer trauma 3 very experienced Emergency Professionals inflicted on my young daughter trying to find a vein. - The reason being that they couldn't feel the veins because the veins were too small. (They latter admitted that adult fingers were just too large to find the veins properly.)

      If the emergency dept had these sort of aids then there would have been far less trauma inflicted by the emergency staff. The extension this required for her stay would have been avoided, and my daughter would have been able to leave the emergency dept hours sooner. - Aiding not only her, but freeing up badly needed emergency beds much sooner as well.

      IMHO Anything that can aid Emergency staff to a quicker diagnosis and start to treatment, even slight improvements in turn-around time for simplest and most routine procedures, means more people seen in less time and less stress on an ED.

      After 19 hours in an Emergency Dept my daughter is now terrified of people wearing uniforms, and this is looking to be a long lasting fear, possibly a permanent one. All because the well trained Doctors and Nurses were unable to find a vein quickly. I know my daughter well, and if that one single procedure could have have been completed quicker, she would not have been nearly as terrified.

      I strongly believe that what truly traumatised her, the root cause of her fear, was that from her point of view, her pleas to stop were ignored. That the ED staff only stopped when they wanted to, not because my Daughter begged them to. This puts the perception in her mind that they didn't care about her well being. If the procedure could have been completed quicker, she would have seen the ED staff as listening to her pleas and she would have seen them as being more compassionate.

      Also, Getting this one procedure done quicker would have meant she had gotten the fluids quicker, less dehydration, less stress meaning less complications, and the blood results would have been back sooner - all good things for the patient, all good things for the ED.

      I'm not saying all her mental trauma would have been completely avoided, there simply is no way to avoid it completely, but the majority of the trauma was because of the length of time it took for this single step. She had to beg for it to stop for too long . Reducing the time taken would have made it far easier on her and the ED staff.

      Oh - one last thing - I am certain that knowing what they had to put my daughter through also affected the ED staff involved - I truly hope they were able to deal with the stress they caused knowing that at the time it was necessary. (I know in my heart that I could see in their eyes they did not want to put her through what they had to, it was really hard in that room for everyone.)

      I am truly thankful they were able to do what they had to, I know they were as compassionate as the situation allowed, but at the same time if something like this can safely reduce such instances, then they need to be put into wide-spread use ASAP.

      We all know not all nurses are the same. There are plenty out there that will stab your arm 5 times just to get some blood...


    Sorry to hear about your daughters traumatic time in the ED, as an experienced ED Nurse however; when reading this I must admit I'm skeptical about these "vein finders". If by the "glasses are actually being tested out in two hospitals at the moment" the manufacturers mean a well designed randomized control study, then I would support their use if the benefits are evidence based.

    It's interesting to note that none of the publicity/writing about these glasses listed on the designer's website is in any peer reviewed medical/science publication.

    In short, the Jury is still out for me. Show me the evidence!

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