There's An Entire Kitchen's Worth Of Cooking Tools In This Bottle

For chefs with more epicurean ambition than space in their kitchen comes Bento & co's Bin 8 bottle, which at first glance looks like an empty wine bottle. But on closer inspection, you'll discover it hides a kitchen's worth of cooking implements.

When disassembled, the Bin 8 reveals that it's actually composed of a funnel with an adaptor for filling narrow-necked bottles, a lemon juicer, fine and coarse graters, an egg yolk separator, a masher, a jar opener, and a measuring cup with just under a two-cup capacity. For $US28 it's almost everything a budding chef could possibly need in a form factor that doesn't have to be stashed away in a drawer. Nor will it cramp their precious counter space.

[Bento & Co. via Notcot]

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