US Government Unleashes Wrath Of Internet Trolls On Al-Qaeda

It’s invaded their countries, used deadly, invisible drones to blow them up and killed their leader, but now the US is really gonna hit Al-Qaeda where it hurts -- the internet forums. I can hear them quaking in their bomb-filled boots from here.

The US Department of Defence has come up with a cunning plan to turn two of the world's greatest villains -- internet trolls and terrorists -- on each other, guaranteeing peace on the forums and safer air travel for all.

The idea’s called “Viral Peace”, and the plan is to strategically troll extremist forums, using “logic, humour, satire, [and] religious arguments, not just to confront [extremists], but to undermine and demoralise them”. It’s also the world’s first recorded employment of strategic trolling.

The plan cropped up after a senior tech adviser to the US State Department, Shahed Amanullah, noticed that most would-be jihadists were also massive braggarts. Like annoying know-it-alls on forums everywhere, terrorists tend to talk crap about stuff they know nothing about. The strategy, therefore, is to smack them bitches down in a funny way, making them look like morons online and making innocent, susceptible would-be bombers less likely to listen to their bullshit.

I think it’s genius -- Amanullah deserves whatever the US version of a knighthood is if this works. The only thing missing is a website with links to a “best of” compilation of their funniest work, so we can all have a good laugh. Bet this has got Al-Qaeda running scared though — might want to recruit a good social media consultant, guys. [Wired]

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Image: US Army



    One problem with new types of psy-ops, there always the chance that it makes the will of the target stronger, either by pissing them off in the wrong way, or by increasing morale by actually giving the people something they find entertaining (like a number of drops of pornographic leaflets in previous wars).

      The biggest problem with psy-ops that I can see is that nothing stops them from being used on us. Instead of information being clear and useful, it becomes deceptive...nobody knows what is true and what has been given spin. Just look at the current news coverage on Syria...mostly exaggeration and fabrication.

        Your exactly right propaganda has been around for a long time, but
        each side usually just laughs at how bad the opposition thinks they
        understand the other side. Check out ww2 or Vietnam propaganda on
        google, from any side. I can just see it now, american troll "how
        is killing innocent people going to get your message across"
        terrorist says " i'm not sure, why don't you ask the majority of
        your presidents? ".

    "It’s invaded their countries"
    No it hasn't. They almost all come from Pakistan, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia; those countries were never invaded, just uninvolved Iraq and Afghanistan. Sorry, but that is extremely important to remember.

    Trolling is good though, far better than invading entire countries full of innocent people just to catch a few criminals. Yep, Pakistan, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia are innocent too.

    This has been going o for a long time, and not just against "terrorists", but in all forms and areas of society. Companies are for hire to troll their brand, post reviews, or do a bit of social engineering towards a certain outcome. Religious groups were famously doing it when phone voting first came into vogue, getting hordes of their "employees" to vote for whichever contestant seemed best to them. Internet forums just allow this in a more powerful manner. Oh, and don't forget all the honey pots out there..."Hey, anyone help me do something illegal?" says the FED. The Chinese have also been using this tactic--I think they pioneered it on the internet. They call them the "water army". And there was some recent discussion somewhere (sorry...vague I know) where the US where testing software to do it instead of expensive people. Can't trust those bots! ;)

    got to break eggs to make an omelette tho hey

    "Bet this has got Al-Qaeda running scared though — might want to
    recruit a good social media consultant, guys" I recommend Achmed,
    the dead terrorist.

    Only works if they have interwebs, and read something other than
    the Koran.

    And here I was thinking we were trying to stamp put cyber-bullying.
    On a serious note ajones is right on the money with the feds/DEA
    faking it on forums to try and bust people for things.

    They ever heard of the banhammer? I don't know how far-reaching
    this tactic will get.

    All I can say is this would be a pi** easy job. Imagine getting
    payed $100 000+/year just to type on forums.

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