The First Picture Ever Posted On The Internet

Although this photo may look like a prom picture on Facebook that's been blingee'd, it's actually the very first photo that was ever uploaded to the web. The history of the picture -- in all its random glory and woeful photoshopping -- is amazing.

Motherboard actually tracked the photo's origin down and found out that the lovely ladies in the photo were part of a musical group called Les Horrible Cernettes, a comedy band based at the CERN laboratory in Geneva, which was comprised of admin assistants and significant others of CERN scientists. The photo was tweaked in version one of Photoshop on a colour Mac and saved as a GIF before being uploaded by Tim Berners-Lee, one of the inventors of the internet... and a crossdresser. Yeah, it gets a little weird. Be sure to read the whole story at Motherboard of how a random picture taken 20 years ago became the internet's first picture.

The full photo.

The full photo before Photoshop.

Looking at this unedited, it's almost fitting that this was the first picture uploaded to the web -- every other picture on Facebook looks just like it. [Motherboard]



    It's rather backwards for you to say "Yeah, it gets a little weird" directly after mentioning he was a cross dresser... What happened to open mindedness? And what is weird about it?

      Get off the moral high horse. Even the most open minded of heterosexuals find cross dressing 'weird' even if we believe those that practice it should have the same rights as the rest of us.. It's human nature.

        Yeah well said mate. Pretending nothing bothers you or that you find everything normal is a flat out lie. You can't help what you think of what someone is doing, but you can help how you treat that person.

          All of this. ^

      I don't think it' s weird but I'm opened minded enough to accept that he thinks it's weird .

        Agreed, Chris is actually the one without an open mind, if he cant accept someone who thinks its weird, not good Chris, you are actually the biased backwards one and should look into being more accepting of others.

    i remember when the internet didnt have pictures

      The internet? Is that thing still around?

    I call shenanigans! It's not a proper photo on the internet unless at least one of them is pulling a duck face

    Casey, how old are you? The internet existed long before the web. Some of us old gits can remember using uuencoding and decoding picture to/from usenet many years before this new fangled web thing was even a twinkle in Tim's eye.

      @Graeme - He does say "web" in the article.

      Handy tip - if the headline and article don't match, the author is probably not responsible for the headline. That is the copy editor. That is why inaccurate headlines attached to not so inaccurate articles are common in the press.

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