The Dark Knight Rises Reviews Force Rotten Tomatoes To Shut Down Comments

The Dark Knight Rises opens in cinemas tonight, and already it's causing problems. Before the movie is even out in general release, review website Rotten Tomatoes has had to disable comments due to the veritable shit-storm generated by the negative reviews.

Rotten Tomatoes compiles movie reviews from a variety of different critics and posts them on a central page. As soon as the first negative review was posted, angry commenters started hitting the site.

Rotten Tomatoes' chief, Matt Atchity, posted an open letter to the community telling people to be nice, but nobody took any notice of that, which has forced the site to disable comments entirely "for a few days".

Atchity closes his letter with some sage advice for all of us:

But if I could ask everyone for one thing, it's this: don't be a dick. Even if you think someone else is being a dick. Just take a deep breath, step away from the computer, and maybe go for a walk. Have a smoke if you need one. There are plenty of other things to get angry about, like war, famine, poverty and crime. But not movie reviews.

Well said. [Rotten Tomatoes]

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    We should all flood Gizmodo's comments section for this article with negative feedback and force them shut this down as well ;)

      *Batman voice*You have to get through me first. *Hovers over 'Trash Comment' button*

        this make my day a bit bearable

        thanks mate

    spoiler alert!! things will go boom and there will be some hitting

    soooo... is it good or bad - going to see it tonight !

    Turns out Selina Kyle is Batman's mum. And the Joker's his dad.

      I can just see the Joker telling Dad jokes, it all makes sense.

    So basically, some folks said they didn't like the movie and other folk felt offended by their assessment?
    Seriously, I've heard of one eyed fan fever, but holy narcissism Batman!!

    Bah, all these latest versions of Batman are nothing more than Hollywood without original ideas.
    Bring back Adam West and Burt Ward.
    I absolutely loved that show when I was a kid. It was light-hearted, almost campy fun. (actually my older mind says VERY campy)
    All this dark angst just gets boring after the first one.

    I agree... That film does suck. It seems that the mass hysteria and hype have indeed wrought a very unreasonably biased public induced tolerance to a most crap laden collective of stretched plot lines and inconclusive action sequences that need not have been involved to hone this story to a fine cutting splinter of cinematic glee. It should have been the biggest and best of the trilogy. Yet it is an epic face plant of a tale that needn't have been so overwrought with a formula that veered waaaaay off course from the intimate story we'd grown to admire for this recent franchise's ability to render the Batman's saga a veritable breathing work of art. It's implausibly vacant in realms of scripted timeline events/procedure and holds far dear to its nostalgic allusion rather than refraining from falling into a predictable mess of hysterical nonsense. I actually LOVE the first two but this to me is the Indiana Jones & the Crystal Skull of what should have been the most badass of the three. Sorry. Just my opinion- at least with Cabin in the Woods- over the top was imaginatively "plausible" .

    nice movies, i love batman so much....

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