The $99 Ouya Games Console Just Hit $5 Million On Kickstarter

The $US99 Ouya console sure is popular. It's already the highest funded project on Kickstarter but now it's getting crazy, as this week it surpassed the $US5 million-mark in funding with 21 days still left on the clock.

As of right now, the Ouya project has 39,973 backers who have donated a whopping $US5,098,656. To put that in context, Ouya only wanted to raise $US950,000 in 30 days. It did that in just eight hours.

So far, 6 people has donated $US10,000 or more. It's the highest reward tier and it gets the lucky 6 people their names and backer numbers engraved into the back of every single Ouya that ships in the first round (that's a lot of engraving), as well as an invite to a private dinner with Ouya's "inner circle" of game devs and designers.

By far the most popular option though is the $US99 option. 33,310 people have selected that one, and when the project is funded they'll be getting their own Ouya console and controller before it ships to stores.

So much cash, but what is the Ouya? First of all, where have you been if you don't know? Secondly, it's a $US99 hackable gaming console powered by Android and designed by One Laptop Per Child designer, Yves Behar. It's slated for release in March next year.

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    Actually, the Pebble is still the highest funded one on kickstarter with 10 million, it is however the highest gaming one, and very very close.

    Wow, that's a pretty crap reward for ten grand!
    I do hope this succeeds, but to only offer that for 10 grand backers? Seriously, seriously lame.

    this will go nowhere

      I'm not so sure about that, 47000 pre-orders is pretty good. I'm going to wait, giving money this early is kind of silly.

    If they can produce the hardware and sell it at $99. I imagine alot of people buying it. $99 makes for a good home theatre computer. So even if the software idea fails, it can be hacked into what ever people want.

    To get good build quality and mass produce all for $99 might be the hardest task.

    That's awesome. Now all you need to do is convince developers to develop for a platform whose primary purpose is to make it easier to pirate content :P

      you mean they could develop for iOS ? the 2nd most pirated platform, after the DS , by volume ?

      is there something about touch-screen that makes people think it's worthless perhaps ?

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