Swimmable Mermaid Tails Are An Embarrassing Way To Drown

Monika Naumann's three daughters simply adore all things mermaid. And, fortunately for the daughters Naumann, their mother will do whatever it takes to ensure her girls have their hearts' desire. It doesn't matter that mermaids aren't real! If they want to be little Ariels, they will be little Ariels!

In fact, for $US250, Monika Naumann will turn anyone into a mermaid. Her swimmable mermaid tails can be ordered directly from her Etsy shop; all she needs are your measurements and the specification of either green, red, blue, orange, or fuchsia fabric.

These swimmable mermaid fins seem like both an excellent halloween costume and a wonderful way to drown.

Caveat emptor. [Etsy via TrendHunter]


    Strange. I can't think of anyone who would choose that over a regular swimsuit

    Imagine trying to walk onto the sand from the water in that thing. Or from the sand into the water. Thats $250 worth of impractical stupidity.

      I'd pay $250 just to watch someone try! lol

      You can swim with them in pools genius.

    I hope this woman has made a quick call with regards to this to her solicitor.

    Or I suppose, she'll get a call from the solicitor for the family of the idiot who dies wearing this.

    U r all being dramatic. I'm sure they wouldn't wear this in the sea, probaly just in pools.

      people drown in pools too.

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