Scientists Fire The World's Most Powerful Laser

Hidden away at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's National Ignition Facility is a terrifying 10-story laser. Recently scientists have finally started using it in anger, and now they've even smashed previous records to fire the most powerful laser shot ever recorded.

On July 5th, the scientists fired the 192 constituent laser beams simultaneously, before focussing them down onto a circular target just 2 millimeters in diameter. The result was a laser beam transmitting an eye-watering 500 trillion watts. That's 1,000 times more than the entire United States uses at any given moment, and the highest-energy laser shot ever fired in real life.

The long-term plan, of course, is to use this incredibly high-powered laser to kick-start nuclear fusion reactions. So, we might even see some of that power make its way back to us at some point. [Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory via Popular Science]

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    "Recently scientists have finally started using it in anger" WTF? what, was one of them a little annoyed about what his wife packed him for lunch? What anger?

      The author was making reference to the phrase, 'Fired/Flown in anger.'

      You could google it if you don't understand.

    no sharks?!

      angry sharks

        with frickin laser beams!

          Wicked lasers did this already

    This gave me a nerdgasim!!!

    I wonder if they all simutaneously said "im'a firin mah lazerrr!!"

      Gosh I'd hope not. I'd fear for our future if the scientists with the most powerful laser were all retarded.

    As long as it's on the stun setting then all is good.

    now witness the power of this fully armed, and operation battlestation

    Watch out P5 - you were only found yesterday but today you're on the endangered list.

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