Rumourmodo: Evidence Mounts For September iPhone, iPad Announcements

It's looking more and more likely that September 12 is going to be New iPhone day this year, after multiple media reports, including one from Apple's favourite publication, The Wall Street Journal emerged this morning. Reports also indicate that we may yet see the fabled 7-inch iPad, too.

iLounge reports that the new iPhone will be ready to ship by mid-September, while iMore nailed the event down to September 12.

The WSJ has also recently reported big moves in September, claiming that Apple has teamed up with screen manufacturers in Asia who are already in swing to produce what's expected to be the long-awaited, almost unicorn-esque iPad Mini.

Bloomberg have also had their own sources on the phone saying that a smaller tablet is in the works and will be launched "before October".

We've made the case against the iPad Mini before, but Could 2012 be the year for the 7-inch Apple tablet?

Meanwhile, we can only speculate if the next iPhone will really look like this gorgeous render:

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