Rumourmodo: Apple Plans To Launch Smaller iPad This Year

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is planning to launch a smaller, cheaper iPad to compete with Amazon and Google -- and suggests that it will arrive by the end of 2012.

Citing anonymous sources from within Apple, Bloomberg reports that the device would have a screen that's seven to eight inches on the diagonal, with a lower pixel density than the current retina display. The same sources suggest that the product could be announced as early as October of this year.

It's not the first time rumours have circulated about a smaller iPad, but it is the first time an Apple employee has been cited in one of the reports. While there is no way to confirm whether the rumour is correct, it would allow Apple to compete more closely with Amazon's Kindle Fire and Google's Nexus 7. It's unlikely that Apple would ever launch a product that didn't make a profit though, so if it does launch a smaller tablet it's doubtful it would ever be priced as low as $250.

So will there be a smaller version of the iPad? At the moment, there's not enough evidence to say. But that doesn't mean we can rule it out. Fortunately, speculation that the device could be launched by the end of the year fits with Apple's usual October iPhone announcement -- so you just might see a joint announcement being made. [Bloomberg]

Update: The Wall Street Journal is also wading in with independent reports that a smaller iPad is on the way.



    I am not sure if there will be a smaller ipad. I think that Apples main worry would have to be Samsungs huge leaps and bounds made into the smart phone market. With the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note, all of these devices with larger screens are making the iphone look antiquated and like yesterdays technology. If the iphone 5 does not have a larger screen i can see it going the way of Nokia.

    I'm totally pumped if this is true. I'd love a smaller/lighter iPad.

      Wasn't Steve Jobs the one who said that 7 inch tablets should ship with files so users can file down their fingertips to use them?

    It's true, called the "iphone"

    Has anyone actually tried to use a 7" tablet extensively? I have, and it doesn't take long before you're thoroughly sick and tired of continually scrolling up, down, left, right and zooming just to read webpages, emails or documents. Great for listening to music or watching videos and great portability/compactness, but if you want a complete platform you need the bigger screen, so I bought an ipad. Why would Apple want to compete with something that's not actually competition?

      This is so true, had the first samsung galaxy tablet 7 incher.
      I quickly sold it for a profit and bought an Asus 10inch and now also enjoy my One X mobile.

      There is no in between really, either fits in your pocket - phone or fits in your bag and is big enough to be actually read - 10 inches.

      However I stand to be corrected if someone can come up with the sales figures of a 10 inch vs 7 inch tablet from a manufacturer like samsung.

        Right, so you think a 7" tablet is good for videos and portability... don't you think someone might want an iPad to do just that? Your needs are not the needs of everyone else. Hell, I used nothing but my iphone and a galaxy tab 2 (7.0) for two weeks on a holiday in America - reading facebook, email, news sites, etc. Never had a problem with it. A 7" iPad will be just as effective... if the user is fine with it.

    I actually liked the size of that sony tablet, was 8.9 or summin, perhaps there is a good middle ground, its just not 7 inches.

    It will be called a iPod touch.

    It will be called an iPod touch.

    Rumor and nothing more. How long they been saying apple will do this now LOL. Won't happen, besides....just not enough real estate on those screens. Ipad is perfect size, if you complain that it's too big?......well.....first world problems and all. Man up.

    I love Apple, and everything about it, but I personally cant see a reason to do a 7 inch tablet. On another note, I am soooooooooooo sick of hearing/seeing this rumour.

    Yes we are all sick of hearing about this rumour... but here is my 2 bobs worth probably longer than the article in itself sorry...
    The next gen of iTech - commenced with the launch of the new iPad will see a proliferation of form factors (such as sizes and even colours) of the Phone/iPod/iPad family. They need to be different to open up new markets.
    An average kid won't be given a $400 iPad2 for his/her birthday. Besides the 16gigs is too small too. IMO even kids with an iPod Touch will nick mum's and dad's iPad in lieu of their own smaller screened tech. Parents will part with $250 + for a bigger screened iPod (smaller screened iPad).
    First timers
    Yes there are still people out there that don't own Apple gear. These people won't spend $400+ on tech that might or might not be what they want. It is too much money to spend on a whim. An iPod touch (in its current format will just do what their smart phone already does - so what is the point... Larger screen real estate than a phablet would offer a step up from the current phone offerings too.
    To attract current owners to invest 'downwards' in the Apple family, it needs to do something new or better than the iPad. Mobility (size) crops up all the time as the same weak general justification to its consideration. However in true apple fashion the mere introduction of an earlier omitted feature make people line up like lemmings. While this might be less true now and it might take more than a new colour to make fanboys to bin last year's model - surely features such as SD card slots, usb integration, greater Macbook/Apple TV tether/interfacing/sharing or do I dare say it... flash support.
    iPods are losing sales and are yesterday's news. While a basic iPod version will remain, the iPod touch will move up and merge with a new smaller iPad called XYZ. This product will offer some feature/s not available on the iPad such as colours, storage vs price ratio, SD card integration, note taking, MacBook Air storage/file sharing longer battery life Apple TV remote or whatever... Basically if you want access to it you need to buy an XYZ. And people will buy it...

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