Raspberry Pi Hacked To Power These Awesome Augmented Reality Glasses

Forget Google Glass, here's a pair of smart specs powered by our favourite mini-computer, the Raspberry Pi. Cute!

The glasses are the Vuzix Star 1200 augmented reality glasses, and they've been modified to run on the $48, credit card-sized Raspberry Pi computer.

The video isn't great but it's better than nothing. As we peer through the tiny magnified window on the glasses, we see our favourite fruit appear on the tiny little heads-up display.

The Raspberry Pi is connected to the glasses via S-video and the designer behind the Pi glasses, Will Powell, makes no secret that they're inspired by Google Glass.

I'll happily side with these over Google Glass if they get to me before and cost me a lot less. [Slashgear]



    Well... That was underwhelming...

    I get the impression you might walk into something with these glasses on...

    What I like about this is that tech has grabbed hold of the Google glass idea and started to build on it.
    I know there are other glasses like this in development already, but it's great to see more and more coming through.
    Who knows what's coming next; this video is cool:

    project glass = US$1500, Vuzix = $4999. I know which way I'd be turning for an AR system.

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