Qantas Ditches BlackBerry For iPhone: Report

Qantas Ditches BlackBerry For iPhone: Report

RIM is dying a slow death, and its flagship BlackBerry product could almost be described as on the nose at the rate companies are dropping it. Today it’s being reported that Qantas has dropped its fleet of BlackBerry handsets in favour of RIM’s arch-nemesis. You guessed it: the iPhone.

According to a report from The Australian, Qantas is set to dump 1300 BlackBerry devices in favour of the iPhone following a survey of airline staff, asking which smartphone they prefer using. The results pointed to the iPhone as the preferred platform.

Flight crews will be the first to use the iPhone in favour of the BlackBerry, and staff will be able to bring their own Android device if they prefer it over the fruity alternative.

Another client bites the dust for RIM. Can it survive through to BlackBerry 10’s launch next year? [The Australian]

Image: Qantas B737-800 VH-VXU by Andy Mitchell, CC BY-SA 2.0