Optus Promises Dropout-Free Coverage On Sydney Rail Network

Not content with being outdone by Telstra's test networks, Optus today announced that it has officially connected much of Sydney's underground train tunnel network.

Optus teamed up with the NSW government and Railcorp to switch on 2G and 3G networking gear on the North Shore and Western lines. That means that Optus customers travelling between Chatswood and the Sydney CBD will be connected the whole way. At least that's what Optus is promising:

For the first time since mobile roll out, Sydneysiders will now receive 2G and 3G coverage on their mobile phones, tablets and laptops in the tunnels between Central station and Chatswood station with no drop outs.

That's a big promise. Anyone able to prove the telco wrong?



    Finally! About time this has happened. The proof is in the pudding so I'll reserve judgement only til I've tested it out.

    IMO Optus is doing far better then Voda. I am so close to jumping on to Optus. Voda is failing worse now then before their whole network upgrades.

    Now only if they would take a look at wa's mandurah above ground line. And the shotty reception about half way.

    Unless this was only turned on today... rubbish. Had drop outs galore on Friday travelling from North Sydney to Central.

    I doubt it. I couldn't even hold a call driving between towers in my car on Optus.

    TIO getting me out of there was the best thing I've ever done.

    Actually noticed this today travelling through the CBD tunnel. Was surprised and started wondering what was going on. About time that black hole got removed.

    They also need to fix the Western Line. Auburn through to Penrith is full of dead zones, particular just either side of Parramatta.

    Can we get that in Brisbane please? Coverage on the Caboolture line is shit.

    I'd just like to be able to get a good signal inside my house, let alone anywhere else...

      This. I was at a friend's house yesterday with a few people and the 2 who had iPhones with Optus were getting little to no coverage. Telstra FTW, didn't lose a bar of signal :)

    HOW about just providing decent 3G at my ABOVE GROUND HOUSE bloody Optus / Virgin? Why should train commuters be able to browse on their Ipads in a tunnel when we can't make calls in SA?

    I know Optus coverage in Queensland between Brisbane and Gold Coast has improved heaps in the last few years. I used to have a big dead zone between Ormeau and Coomera (and often either side of both those stations) but now it's fine. No tunnels there!

    Only if they switched them on today because it definitely dropped out on me on the weekend

    No one at Gizmodo see's a problem with running a story about Optus then plastering the whole page with giant Optus ad's?

    Independence, hell yeah!

    Just took the train from central to north syd. Listened to Internet radio the whole way, so yep it sure works

    what about every other tunnel? why only this one?

    After 2 weeks, my verdict is the network is still shit. Slightly better but still patches of blackouts.

    Coverage between the Penrith rail line & the City & Richmond rail line to the City is totally crap with Optus, & that's without there being a tunnel! Wonder when they will fix this up!

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