Only 10% Of Androids Have Ice Cream Sandwich After Eight Months

Ice Cream Sandwich is now installed on 10 per cent of active Android devices, according to Google's own numbers. About 64 per cent of users are still using Gingerbread. And the latest iteration of Android, Jelly Bean, is already on its way.

When developers express concern about Android fragmentation, this is what they mean: users are distributed over so many different versions of the OS that it's hard to develop for a wide swath. Not to mention that the latest and greatest updates take forever to hit the masses. [ via Business Insider]


    Would love to upgrade to ICS, but my YoiGo GSII won't see the update in Aus or allow me to.

    2.3 still on my Galaxy SII 4G. Official upgrade to 4.0.x pushed back, again, now out to July.
    Three-year-old iPhone 3GS has the current 5.1 on it.
    Not sure I'll go down the 'droid track again unless I find a way of replacing the handset every six months.

      Cyanogenmod, better, and up to date!

        Looked at Cyanogenmod. No mention of Telstra or 4G or the model number. It's all a bit out of hand compared to the update process for the iPhone.

      Yeah but how well dies it run on it? Apple tend to keep everyone up to date at the expense of performance, which then forces people to buy a new phone

        Funnily enough, it runs better with v5 than it did with v4. Not being forced to buy a new phone at all.
        Let's go back to the fact I'm still forced to run Gingerbread on my whiz-bang-you-beaut 4G handset please.

      A Droid works fine unlike the Ios that needs week updates to correct the flaws

        You're dreaming.

    Doing better than Windows Phone, 0% of WP7.x devices will see WP8!

      What a troll comment. The difference here is that every Windows Phone will get every new feature Windows Phone 8 offers, with the limit being new hardware required updates.

    Blame the phone manufacturers for it. It would appear that the manufacturers are so focused on the next-latest-must-have bit of hardware that the software side of ONLY the latest hardware is to get the latest software, i.e, pushing you to upgrade your handset.
    For the majority of users the idea of rooting their handset is too daunting, they just want it too work, thus why Apple capture so much market.
    It's great that Google keep Android as open-source, but in the area of updating software they need greater control, forcing manufacturers to update.

      ^^ EXACTLY THAT.

      The biggest let down is that Google had a deal with handset manufacturers to keep phones uptodate for 18 months. Whether theyre doing this or not I dont know, but in Aus its the carriers that take ages to test and release the new software because they too want you to keep updating your phone every 12-24 months rather than spending their resources on providing you new software for your old hardware.

    After 6 months of motorola promising they would release ICS for the Droid Razr in Q1 2012, still nothing. In fact, they only just released the 2.3.6 update about 2 months ago (Nearly half a year behind the SII release)
    FAIL MOTOROLA. Will be buying a Samsung next time.

    Oh BTW for LOL, your 3Gs might have 5.1, but it barely receives any of the new features with the update. You might as well not update it.

      Yeah well, at least the version number got an update so there.

      The critical thing is though it can run the apps. I have my girlfriend my cast off 3G to her when I got the iPhone 4. Before she upgraded she couldn't install half the games because she couldn't install iOS 5.

      Does this graph shows phones in use though?

      New features? Well, it didn't get Siri, HDR, Airplay mirroring (have I missed anything?) - but as far as the rest, it appears to be the same suite that the 4S gets. A loooooong list of stuff. Easy and rewarding update. Disagree with "might as well not update it".

    The exact reason why I jumped ship; so very tired of waiting for manufacturers (HTC in my case) to release the update (whilst they push for hardware sales).

    don't forget the telco's they won't roll out upgrades even when a device can handle it. When i bought my handset under 2 years ago, it was v2.1 Tel$tra rolled out v2.2 over 6 months after it because publicly available and have since refused to upgrade any further (even though i'm still under warranty and contract!)

    According to the above image, there's been 4 major upgrades of the OS plus a heap of minor ones in this period. Given the Telco situation and the fact that most hansdets are on 2 year contracts, the fragmentation is far from surprising! Not everyone can afford to buy a new $1000 handset every six months!

    I thought Google was supposed to be fixing this shit up. Instead they release yet another version of the OS, without any new constraints on manufacturers. Google should be telling them, if they want to use the Google logo, if the want the G-Apps, if they want Google's support, they need to commit to releasing timely updates, they need to commit to making them available directly to the public without having to go through telco tests. Instead we get another crappy 7" tablet and a new version of the OS that will cause even more fragmentation and headaches for developers.

    When you have companies like Motorola stuffing its customers around with rubbish excuses its no surprise

    I thought Google owned Motorola now?

    People who care so much about having the latest software on their Android phone should get a Nexus device. Problem solved.

    Maybe Android users like those with Galaxy SII when purchasing the handset, get their carriers to confirm if their handset will be eligible for the upcoming OS upgrade. And if they say yes, get them to note it in the contract, then when the upgrade fails to arrive 6 months later, just take the phone back, and get the contract cancelled due to their failure to honor the agreement. Easy and cheap way to upgrade. I wouldn't buy an android without this kind of guarantee. People need to vote with their wallets, no upgraded OS guarantee, no new contract sales.......

    I'm still running Froyo on a HTC Legend. The Galaxy Nexus with Jellybean is looking good for my next phone once my contract is up soon.

    But what percentage of that other 90% is supposed to be getting the update in the first place. Not all Android phones are sold to be kept up to date. There are plenty of 'just good enough for email' phones that are super cheap that are not even supposed to be updated.
    This result really should show flagship phones that have been updated so far. Either way I think 10% is actually quite impressive. These updates are coming through faster now.
    But buy a nexus if you really care about updates.

    And all you Android fans harp on that Windows phone (90% on WP7.5) aren't going to get Windows 8.. you can all SHUT UP now.
    Android is SO fragmented behind the times it's not funny.. There is still more Android 2.3 phones available in Australia than anything else.. talk about OLD TECH...

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