Nothing Tells Your Guests They're Not Welcome Like Making Them Sleep In A Pod

Do you deal with visiting family members during the holidays that more than overstay their welcome? This year try putting them up in one of these Podtime tubes, they'll quickly get the message that maybe they should have booked a hotel instead.

They're not exactly ideal for those who suffer from claustrophobia, but they are intended as a way to maximise the occupancy of a given space — while still giving everyone a bit of privacy — and they're actually not a terrible idea. What's most impressive is that they actually arrive flat-packed for easy transport and storage.

Multiple units can be stacked on top of each other like a set of bunk beds, and while the base unit will set you back over $2,100, it can actually be customised with added amenities like LED lighting, a lockbox for luggage, a TV and DVD player, and even a rudimentary sound system with alarm. So come to think of it, these actually might be more luxurious than some inner-city pre-Federation houses.

[Podtime via Firebox]



    To make your gust extremely unwelcome, you can have the pod slowly rotate on its axis, 180° over an eight hour period. Hardly enough for them to notice as it happens, but guaranteed to keep them awake and slowly tumbling.

      Na, have it go 60° to one side, then back center, then 60° the other way. Still be slow, but that way they can't say they were rolled out of bed, just rolled around in it.

    what about moisture? even with the doors open i think that might still be a problem :S other than than these look pretty cool, just like the version they have in japan.

    I think the editor as this bass ackwards.. These would actually make me *want* to stay with my family :)

    love the pod, but if you were to stack say 4 of these in a spare room or whatever, a better use of space would be to use a rectangle while still maintaining the cool aesthetic.

    these are actually pretty awesome and I'm sure that If I had a couple of these, people would stay more regularly.

    Maybe these should be called an iPod - a real iPod!

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