Nexus 7 Vs iPad: How Much Abuse Can Each Withstand?

The Google Nexus 7 tablet is arguably the first Android tablet that real human beings can enjoy and will want to use. But can it withstand the trials and tribulations of clumsy tablet owners? SquareTrade, the gadget insurance company, has put out its latest drop-test video, pitting the Nexus 7 against the new iPad in a stress test.

The two tablets were dropped from onto concrete from standing height and sitting height, aas well as being briefly submerged in a bathtub. The iPad suffered cracks and screen scratches when dropped, and it ended up with audio damage after being dunked in water. The Nexus 7? Sure, it ended up with some scuffs, but everything remained intact and functional after all three tests. Not too shabby. [SquareTrade]

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