Nexus 7 Vs iPad: How Much Abuse Can Each Withstand?

The Google Nexus 7 tablet is arguably the first Android tablet that real human beings can enjoy and will want to use. But can it withstand the trials and tribulations of clumsy tablet owners? SquareTrade, the gadget insurance company, has put out its latest drop-test video, pitting the Nexus 7 against the new iPad in a stress test.

The two tablets were dropped from onto concrete from standing height and sitting height, aas well as being briefly submerged in a bathtub. The iPad suffered cracks and screen scratches when dropped, and it ended up with audio damage after being dunked in water. The Nexus 7? Sure, it ended up with some scuffs, but everything remained intact and functional after all three tests. Not too shabby. [SquareTrade]


    ok so the Nexus in the bathroom demo was a cut screen to show the nexus working. Rather than the iPad which was lifted directly from the water....

      I'm willing to accept that it was the same one. It was still working when they lifted it out, that shows it did at least as well as the iPad in that test

    1. They wasted 6 Tablets there!!! It could have been donated to 6 people who couldn't afford one.
    2. If you can't take care of your tablet from all the above, you don't need one!
    3. Waste of time and money!

    If you stomp your table just because the battery is dead, the screen is sure to break!!!

      *They could


      * you get the point :)

      This isn't people destroying electronics for fun... This is a company that offers extended warranties and insurance for electronic devices. I've got a feeling that this test has probably benefited them in some way... If nothing else for the attention their company has gotten for doing this.

      Destroying electronics is, just like anything else that costs money, a business expense for these people.

      Accidents do happen.
      I don't consider it a waste. I may not be interested in buying insurance for my tablet, but at least I know now that the Nexus 7 can take a beating if I do accidently drop it. Your number two statement is quite ridiculous. Who are you to tell people what they do and don't need? Grow up. That is marketing and it obviously is working because you watched it.

      Furthermore, why would anyone stomp on their tablet because the battery is dead. At least this is to test the durability of the tablets.

    Nexus 7 is one tough little tablet :)

    Who else saw the headline and then thumbnail, and thought "no way, he's not going to shit on those devices is he?"

      iPad would win that. It already mostly is shit. lol

        *is mostly.

        The English in these comments sections tends to be shit too.

          Oh piss off, pedant

    Are you saying I'm not human?......

    As much as I am an Apple hater (and trust me, I am), I feel this isn't really a fair comparison due to the weight difference of the devices. The iPad is bigger and bulkier than the Nexus 7, so it's going to hit the ground with greater velocity and be hitting with a heavier impact, thus causing more overall damage. The iPads also seemed to have a tendency to land of their corners (possible due to the aforementioned weight differences) so the corners took the brunt of the impact, causing more damage.

    Also, was it me or did the Nexus 7's screen shut off the moment it was dropped in the water? Sure it could have just been unfortunate timing that the video turned black at the exact same time it was dropped, and the screen did turn back on, but that seemed a bit weird regardless.

      oh oh.. physics fail? It doesn't matter how heavy the device is. They all fall at the same speed. But they have more energy at the point of impact.

        A brick falls faster than a feather because of it's mass, and will hit the ground first if dropped at the same time and not in a vaccuum. Not quite sure what you're getting at here.

          Not true. The brick drops faster due to lower air resistance compared to the feather in ratio to the overall gravitational pull exerted on it by the earth, which we take nominally as approximately 9.8 Newtons per kilogram.

          ultra fail or ultra troll. you be the judge.

      I agree with the point your getting across about it not being a fair comparison etc but "greater velocity"? Time to revise your basic Physics I think. ;)

      So the iPad is heavier than the nexus 7 and therefor takes more damage when dropped... I don't see how that isn't a fair comparison? I don't hold my iPad closer to the ground when i'm using it to lessen the impact if i were to drop it because its heavier and therefor more likely to be damaged?

      That's like saying a crash test on a 4x4 compared to a hatch back at 60kms per hour is unfair and should be taken into account when giving safety ratings? No way. Its heavier. It will hit things harder. It should be designed accordingly to not break.

        It's not a fair comparison because they are comparing two different sized devices. A better comparison would be comparing the nexus 7 with another 7 inch tablet and the ipad with another 10 inch tablet.

          Dude an insurance company did the test. They want to know what is going to happen to each during normal daily use. If they are both dropped from the same height, the nexus wins.

      Actually, about the screen 'turning off', what actually happened was the touch sensors reacting to the water on the screen and if you look closely at it, the screen did not actually turn off, there was still a bar showing at the top (landscape view) of the screen as the tablet was navigating through youtube.

      I've seen similar things like this before, especially after seeing an in-person demo of the Motorola Defy being dunked into a glass of water, the same exact thing happened and the touch sensors reacted with the water accordingly.

    In my opinion the test was not a fair one coz both the tablets were not like to like if u drop smaller device against the larger it will not have similar impact during these type of accidents

    These are the flagship products for 2 different vendors.

    A person doesn't magically get shorter when purchasing an iPad. They might get a little taller as they have now got less money weighing them down (/joke).

    The drop test is about what an approx avg that a person would drop a device from. IE. Real life situation.

    No doubt in their business the 2 most common claims would be drops and water damage, hence the tests.

    And the lesson learned is make sure your tablet has a case to absorb some of that impact, protect it from scuffs, and sometimes prevent an iPad screen from cracking! Another lesson is don't use your tablet in the bath or immediately next to any body of water.

    Pretty great to see the Nexus 7 survived pretty well though, especially the water. I'd still turn it off and let it dry out though...

    If you plan on being a moron and playing angry birds in the bath then the ipad is for you.

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