Newspaper Uses Photoshop To Dramatise Violence In Syria

The Kronen Zeitung is Austria's largest newspaper, with a daily readership of around three million people. Yesterday, those readers were treated to the image on the left of war-torn Aleppo, bombed out and desperate -- but that wasn't the scene at all. As one sharp-eyed Redditor points out, it was just another Photoshop job.

Just to be clear, the family in the photograph is actually in Syria; the original photo (on the right) came from the European Pressphoto Agency. But merely fleeing a city ravaged by guns and mortars apparently isn't quite dramatic enough on its own. The editors of the Krone -- as it's commonly called -- needed this baby to sing.

Using Photoshop to make actresses and models look unrealistically attractive is bad enough. Using it to make a part of the world that has enough problems as it is look even more apocalyptic? That's just disgraceful. [Facebook via Reddit]


    Give it 10 years and nobody will have any empathy when they see terrible news articles because they will just think it's another tabloid lie.

    shouldn't be surprised, they manipulate facts, details, stories to make them more appealing to read or enrage the blood. I don't think manipulating images is any worse.

    Absolutely disgusting. Now imagine how many more we haven't picked up on.

      There's a joke in The Wire about an overly enthusiastic newspaper photographer who'd plant a burnt doll in the foreground when photographing house fires because it's more emotive and manipulative.

    you can't believe anything you read or see ... it's been that way for a long time. Just now it's easier for us to catch them out. Much of history is highly questionable. Media outlets are businesses, so they tell you what will make them money, not what will save lives or avoid wars (*iraq *cough *syria * cough-cough).

      I'd like to believe you, but...

        I'd like to believe that you'd like to believe him, but...

        The phenomena is called 'The manufacture of consent'

    It is stupid, but I'm pretty sure the intention was not to fool or trick anyone or make it look worse than it is.
    Rather, the story would be about the tragedy and the terrible situation those people are fleeing from, but unfortunately they just didn't have a shot that conveyed all that, so they made it themselves.
    The people are from Syria and that view is probably from Syria too or at least somewhere that resembles a part of it.
    It's like a foreign newspaper publishing a pic of an Aussie and then including a view of the Sydney harbour bridge in the background or a few kangaroos just to make the whole "Aussie" thing more obvious. Not fake news at all, just stupidity on behalf of the journalist.

      And unfortunately distracts from the real issue and has folks discussing the image instead of the story.

    I suppose Women's Magazines have been getting away with this sort of rubbish for years...
    So why not the main stream media. Don't let a little things like truth and integrity get in the way of a good story.
    Besides you can always print a retraction and bury it in the back pages along with the personal ads of the next addition.
    Its all Good.....

    What's disgraceful is that the woman doesn't exist at all.

    As an Austrian I am deeply ashamed of the "Krone". Quite a lot of people here know that it's one of the worst tabloids in our country but that they would pull something like this is not only embarassing but outright distasteful.

    As an austrian citizen, I am deeply ashamed because of this, and I want to apologize on behalf of the Millions of non-Krone-readers.

    Please let it be known, that the "Kronen Zeitung" while it has a large reader-base, is by no means top notch in our newspaper environment...its articles are usually full of sexism, racism, nationalism that borders on right wing propaganda and frequently lack any kind of evidence for their assumptions or conclusions.

    If you want to see a good austrian Newspaper, visit (The Standard) ...this is our "The Times" so to speak, wheres the "Krone" is on par in terms of how serious it should be taken with "The Sun."

    People, feel free to submit your opinion to the Austrian Press Council : [email protected]

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