Mobile Gigabit Wi-Fi Will Make Your Internet Three Times Faster

After teasing people at CES in January, Broadcom has finally announced the arrival of its new gigabit-speed Wi-Fi chips for mobile phones -- and they're going to make your internet connection at least three times faster.

The BCM 4335 chipset, announced by Broadcom this evening, is home to the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, which uses an 80MHz channel bandwidth two times wider than the channel on similar products. That makes a hell of a difference for bandwidth-hungry tasks like downloading HD movies. Elsewhere, the chip packs Bluetooth 4.0 and FM radio.

Broadcom predicts that it'll be about three times faster in terms of raw speeds over existing Wi-Fi networks, and expects it to be six times more efficient in terms of power than devices using the 802.11 N standard.

So, not only can you expect speedier downloads to your mobile device, but the battery will last longer too. Broadcom anticipates the technology will be available in devices from early 2013. [Broadcom via Verge]



    Trouble is, I don't think the Wi-Fi chip in my phone is where the bottleneck is most of the time, at least not in free Wi-Fi hotspots. I suppose it would be useful if you have Wi-Fi and ADSL at home but I can't see it making my life much better.

      This is why we need FTTP NBN!

      Also, isn't 80MHz the entire bandwidth for all channels available to wifi? So if anyone has any kind of wifi network nearby you wouldn't get the full benefit of this.

    Fantastic news...

    But we need better wall penetration, or it is pointless in a home setting.

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