Mobile CPU Maker Qualcomm Promotes Its Hardware With A... Rap Video?

Oh Qualcomm. First you wanted us to know just how bad your mobile processors are at melting butter and now, you've given us this musical creation to explain that Snapdragon-equipped phones are the way to go when calling your loved ones. It's clever, I guess, but who the heck are you targeting with this?

I doubt the average consumer has any interest in the CPU powering their smartphone, as long as it works and is fast enough for their needs. Developers are more interested in technical specifications — a fluffy piece of promotion is going to do very little to sway their opinion.

Maybe Qualcomm just wants to be cooler? This sort of marketing helped Intel make a name for itself among regular consumers. AMD, on the other hand, remains a mysterious acronym. Perhaps, in ten years' time, we'll look back on this much the same way we do the Blue Man ads now and realise Qualcomm was setting the foundations for a more consumer-orientated brand.

Or maybe we'll just shake our heads and laugh.


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