Melbourne Man Arrested After Allegedly Importing Drugs Via Silk Road

How stupid are some people. I honestly can't fathom it sometimes. A Melbourne man was arrested this week after trying to import drugs into the country that he allegedly purchased on Silk Road, the online, US-based narcotics marketplace. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have warned Aussies that if they use it, they'll be caught.

For those not acquainted with online narcotics marketplace, <a href=""Silk Road, all you need to know is that it's essentially Amazon for drugs. An online black market that anonymises your traffic via use of the TOR network.

50 bitcoins -- anonymous digital currency -- could nab you a few tabs of acid from Silk Road, and they'd be posted from the seller right to your doorstep, no problems, and while that's the theory behind these anonymous narcotics sites, it's not exactly the case outside the US.

Following the arrest and charging of the Melbourne guy who used Silk Road (first spotted by CSO), the Australian Federal Police and the Customs and Border Protection Service have warned everyone this week that while traffic on Silk Road may be anonymous, they'll still be able to see activity once it comes out of the network and drops into the post.

Peter Sykora is the manager of the AFP's Crime Operations division, and he's assured stoners who looking to try Silk Road for themselves will be picked up and charged.

"Criminals are attempting to exploit the international mail system through online networks, but the recent arrest demonstrates that we are one step ahead of them.

"The AFP will continue to identify, investigate and prosecute individuals or groups importing narcotics into Australia, including via illicit e-commerce platforms such as Silk Road," he said.

Customs and Border Protection's acting national manager of Cargo And Maritime Targeting branch, Alana Sullivan, said that you're not as invisible as you think while using Silk Road.

"Customs and Border Protection along with our partner agencies are committed to targeting and combating this type of illegal activity.

“Persons who buy or sell through online marketplaces, on so-called 'anonymous' networks should understand that they are not guaranteed anonymity," she added.

Don't do drugs, you guys. Go get high on life and all that.




    Why can't people just download their drugs? Like the rest of us sane people?

    Sounds like he was caught due to drugs being shipped via international mail; not due to the use of Silk Road.

      The point is that he thought he was anonymous, then most likely had it shipped to his own address.

        Because there is no record of the transaction that can be traced, you have plausible deniability when the drugs arrive.

    Oh and does anyone else appreciate appreciate the irony of Gizmodo, who has a weekly section called "the stoner channel", saying don't do drugs, get high on life?

      That's Gizmodo US. We license content from them but we are a completely separate publication and we're not even owned by Gawker. Pardon me for not wanting to encourage drug use on the site.

        That explains the large gap in content quality between the average quality US articles and the much better written AU articles.

          Yep, definitely enjoy the AU content significantly more than the US content.

          Just have to find a way to completely block some of the US "journalist"s posts...

            Just do what I do - only have the AU feed in your RSS reader. I almost never see the US content.

          This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        Great idea to not encorage . Why cant people enjoy whateva, if it dose'nt harm others.!

    a) There were drug and _weapon_ charges b) FUDFUDFUD - The AFP won't comment on details because FUD is so sexy.

    Brb shipping some of these to my neighbour who is a convicted drug trafficker!

    The trick is to have your address but a different name on it then wait 3-6 months before opening.

      ....I think you will be surprised WHERE you have to wait 3-6 months......

    You could get away with ordering LSD if it was on a blank unperforated piece of paper, since its colourless, odourless and would not show up on an xray.

    Not that I think its a smart idea to give money away to strangers with no guaranteed of ever receiving what you ordered.

      You actually do have a money back guarantee, the Silk Road admin dont give the money to the seller until you finalize the purchase, which is after you get it,mthe escrow system helps reduce fraud. And it works very well, not perfectly f course, but still very well.

    All of the "better" synthetic cannabis has been illegal in Australia since May 1st, but I know several people who are still ordering their gear from the States and every parcel has made it through (so far).

    Guess it's not working quite as well as they would have you believe ;)

      They are still selling it here. Walk into any sex shop and ask.

        Different creatures to the stuff that was around before May. Not as strong and doesn't last as long, or so I'm told by those "in the know".

    Your best bet is to have the settings on "Domestic Listings Only" if you are just a casual stoner. It is less likely that your mail will be intercepted this way. It's not the use of the site that got this guy caught. It's the fact that he tried to import stuff from abroad, and given Australia's very careful customs, is worth being very wary about. Current UK domestic service levels is excellent and risk is minimal.

    Also, it's not just stoners that order through it. and customs would of figured it out when the post came through. Everything to avoid being caught is told to you, the only way the recipient could be arrested is if he sent it to himself.

    And synthetic cannabis I would never suggest to anyone, simply because nplaces like Amsterdam and Sweden, the synthetics are illegal. And if these guys have marijuana legalized, im sure they've done their studies into synthetics.

      I don't think anybody has done any serious research into synthetics as there are so many different varities. The issue there is that the real thing is legal. Synth-weed only became popular in countries where the real thing ISN'T legal.

      If you could buy cannabis at your local tobacco shops here I doubt there would be a market for the fake stuff in the first place.

    Ok, Luke, don't be preaching all of that "don't do drugs" bullcrap. I don't do drugs but most people do and people like you shouldnt judge what someone wants to do with their own body. Legalise and regulate.

    pfft.. just use one of your neighbors addresses or, better yet, an abandoned house with a random name and pick it up from their mailbox

      You'll be sharing a cell with this bozo in no time.

    " Don’t do drugs, you guys. Go get high on life and all that "
    So.. never drink alcohol I suppose? Or are you just in denial that Alcohol is a drug.
    A very dangerous one at that, but unfathomably still legal.

    Just use a empty house up the road or an empty apartment u can see from your house

    AFP! what a joke!

    Crime and illegal drugs are in circulation none-stop inside the country and AFP and secret services know all the big bosses and drug lords behind it and allow them to live and continue their underground business while AFP croocks run around busted weak powerless innocent people who are trying to relax and enjoy the life privately in their own home.

    AFP and government same as any other counries are the biggest criminals in the world and noone can stop them from their crimes while they comit enourmouse amount of anti-human crimes and partnership with big criminals but they put on such a show that they are against crime busting innocent indivisuals and pressing charges against them while their partners are counting huge amounts of bills at the top and they getting their share.

    Drugs are illegal because governments and pharmaceutical companies say so because they trying to sell their most addictive, most dangerous and life threatening synthetic drugs that they call "legal".

    I had depression and i went on Zoloft prescribed by a GP and it nearly killed me and made me worse, then i tried weed and it changed my life, made me wiser, more open minded, relaxed, feel the love of life more, not aggressive nothing...
    There would be peace in the world if there were no guns (manufactured by governemnt partners of arms manufacturers), no government to force people into their own way of living, there wouldnt be wars, there wouldnt be shortage on oil because these legalized criminals calling themselves governments are using most of the oil resources to fuel their war machines and weapons rather than peacefull means.

    They are the destroy to humanity! and their brains are so empty and arrested by their selfish criminal ego that they will never ever grow up and learn.

    They produced money out of thin air and destroying everyones life and everything or killing them to profit and collect all that money, wasiting natural resources, hiding the truths from public.

    What a shame!

    I guess death is the only way to be free from these animals calling themselves humans.

      If this country is serious about tackling the drug trade then we should be leading the world by decriminalizing and regulating them, an interesting documentary made in 2012 called "HOW TO MAKE MONEY SELLING DRUGS" has what I think the key to cutting the head off this monster.
      Please watch it and make u your own mind on what should happen as thee is a lot of misinformation out there and most of it sold to us by the very people that are saying are trying to help our society. here is a link to the doco,

        just because you have been sent a letter or package addressed to you doesn't prove that you ever ordered it let alone paid or knew it was coming. could have been a neighbor that was planning on taking it out of the letter box before you got home?

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