Man Who Made Airport Bomb Joke On Twitter Finally Found Innocent

Thank goodness for common sense. Paul Chambers, the man who joked he would blow-up an airport if it didn't get its act together and actually work properly, has been cleared of his conviction from back in 2010 by the High Court in London. Obvious-Twitter-joking can now recommence.

Chambers won the backing of Stephen Fry over his blatant joke, but had his first appeal quashed by a crown court judge, who said the tweet was "clearly menacing". This whole mess started when Robin Hood airport near Doncaster, South Yorkshire, was closed in January 2010 by heavy snow. Chambers tweeted in a moment of typically British frustrated rage:

"Crap! Robin Hood airport is closed. You've got a week and a bit to get your shit together, otherwise I'm blowing the airport sky high!!"

If he really had been a terrorist, do you think he'd have announced it to the world before actually doing the deadly deed, and from a non-anonymous account? At any rate, common sense has prevailed and Chambers is now free to continue joking on Twitter. A small victory for the internet, snatched from the jaws of lunacy. [BBC via Gizmodo UK]



    "snatched from the jaws of lunacy"
    send this story to the US please!

    Yes, common sense did prevail, but unfortunately took far longer and with far more effort than it ever should have.

    Anyone hear about the 17 year old in Britain who tweeted a nasty
    message to an Olympic athlete ? Cops smashed in his door and
    dragged him down to the police station where he was charged for it

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