Magnetic Wallpaper Turns Your Entire Home Into A Fridge Door

Usually it's the kitchen that serves as a family's bespoke art gallery, with pint-sized masterpieces affixed to the fridge door with magnets. But if you redecorate with MagScape's unique magnetic wallpaper, every inch of your home can showcase your kid's artistic talents.

One 5m roll will set you back a hefty $US133, but at least you don't have to worry about the wallpaper destroying all of the electronics in a room. It's actually embedded with ferrous particles that magnets will stick to, but it's not magnetic itself, so it's completely safe to use. And it's not just useful for hanging crayon drawings; you could easily tack up to-do lists exactly where they need to be done, or save money on frames when it comes to hanging family photos.

[MagScapes via Design Milk]


    will a completely covered room act as a Faraday cage?

      You'd have to do the floor, ceiling, doors and windows as well.

      You make a good point. Infact I would be interested in creating a room that had faraday cage effect. I am interested to see if I actually sleep better as I live in an apartment block with over 20min wifi's in range and smart meters soon to be active....

    Jj, it's easier and cheaper to use aluminium foil to make a hat - this has the added advantage of deflecting alien transmissions also.

    Bah... Resene already makes Magnetic Paint which doesn't cost anywhere near $133/5m!

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