Lunchtime Deal: Save $40 On An iPad 2

If you want an Apple iPad 2 and don't want to pay Apple prices, I can't say I blame you. Thankfully, Door Buster have a deal today that sees the iPad 2 (Wi-Fi only) discounted by around $40 to $389. [Door Buster]


    Words cannot express how uninterested I am in an Ipad 2.

    Question: Does or has anyone ever seen an Ipad used for work purposes? Every one of my clients that bought theirs for work seems to use it to watch movies on the plane while they fly to their next meeting in some place that's not here, and that's as far as their work related use goes.

      Yes. Use it about 50% of the time and the other 50% is my MacBook Air. Use it for manuals (bookmarking and highlighting), marking up documents, taking notes, project management, mind mapping, the list goes on. I don't see it a a laptop replacements but it does take over task I use to rely on pen and paper for. Other people I know are doing the same. Also. Had house renovations done and each person doing work had an iPad. Got the oven fix the other day and the repaired did all his logging and notes on the iPad as well as using it to access manual for the different products. iPad is better at doing some thing than a laptop and vice versa. There is some amazing productivity apps available.

      I use my Asus TF101 for taking notes at TAFE, great for when I don't want to lug my notebook around with me. It came with office software and I use another app for writing up code snippets to chuck on my Dropbox later. Don't play games much, but if I do it's Angry Birds or an emulator.

        I have an SL101 that I use for very similar things. Do you use a keyboard dock with your TF?

      Yes Sylver, I use mine on the job. Sometimes for taking notes and showing wireframes to clients at meetings. I also test all new websites for compatibility now that more consumers are viewing sites on tablets. I have developed a number of webapps targetted directly at the ipad for clients which use them out in the field for reporting and queue tracking. They are indeed a useful work tool.

        Very neat! Which Ipad do they seem to prefer? The lighter two? Or do they get what they're given?

          When the projects were rolled out, iPad 2 was the current model and that is what they have gone with. they are trialling both 3g versions and wifi back to 3g/4g hotspots. All seems to be working pretty well and it has eliminated paper reports. and double handling of data. With Airprint enabled printers in vehicles they can even provide paper reports to clients in the field.

      Yes. I work remotely with mine via citrix. Its not as fast or user friendly as using my laptop but its a hell of a lot lighter to carry around!!

      Yep, for~ 90% of the time I use it it's for work/study. I've found it invaluable as a point of reference tool in the hospital as a med student. I can also do practice problems on it and make/review flashcards on the go. I also use DropBox to sync pdfs to journal club and whatnot. I researched long and hard to make sure there were high quality apps to make the investment worthwhile. To be honest, I still take notes and interview patients with a regular notepad but I use the iPad to look up everything and anything I need. I don't have any music or videos on it.

    Or..... I could just walk in to BigW on any given day and pay the same price as this special.

    @ Cam and not have to pay postage which this door buster site doesn't seem to be able to calculate to my postcode anyway.
    @ Sylver what sounds like a troll. looks like a troll and smells like a troll?

      I think your troll sensor is broken. I'm asking a serious question, because that's literally the only time I've ever seen someone use an Ipad while on the job.

        I wouldn't use it while on the job... tho i might use it at work! ;)

        Now THAT... is a troll! :)

        I was asking a serious question too, but again words cannot express how uninterested I am in your "serious question" the article is about where you can buy one for $40 cheaper for people that do want one, if you're not interested why would you even come here and start your rant.

    I can't work out how this is even a good deal when I grabbed a few of them from Big W last month for $399.

    @ Sylver

    You are right, one of my wholesalers bought 10 original iPads for their reps and other people to use in the office and warehouse. After they bought them, the it guy then found out they had to buy the SDK to create the software that they needed.

    They ended up giving them away as "prizes" to us. They have now gone to Android tablets, as their inventory software is web/sql based but also has some flash aspects as well.

      Almost exactly what happened to my workplace. We bought one so we could learn how to use and support the things. Now that we know for the most part how to use it, it's been sitting on the boss's shelf for nearly a year and a half.

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