Lunchtime Deal: Half-Price Vodafone 3G Card

Need a Vodafone 3G mobile data card? Well aren't you lucky you're here!

Woolworths today has a half-price deal on the devices in its latest catalogue. Down from $49 to $24.50. That comes with 3GB of free data, too. [Woolworths via OzBargain]


    50% of the cost with 50% of the coverage, sounds fair...

    wow.. thats quite cheap... i have no intention in hell of using the vodafone network again though, i wonder how difficult it is to flash them in order to avoid paying vodafones unlocking fee

    How do you get a micro sim card for vodafone prepaid????

    Just go in to your local vodafone store.

    Will they have even 50% coverage, now that the Telstra/Vodafone-Hutchinson 3G deal is officially over?

    Pay me to buy this product. I hate my iPhone Vodafone coverage. Makes me wanna commit suicide

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