Lunchtime Deal: 1TB Seagate HDD For $69

All specced up and nowhere to save? That's ok, Centre Com has you covered with some cheap storage.

You can head on over to Centre Com's website and score yourself a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1TB drive for $69 today. That's $50 in your pocket. [Centre Com via OzBargain]


    Dick Smith have 2TB Seagate drives for $139, only 50 cents more per GB

    Do they come in a bigger size? Toaster oven size is the right size for a 1 tb HDD

    Free logitech headphones over at mwave at the moment (2pm-3pm) until they run out.

      I tried to get these. Mwave website wouldnt cooperate. If this was a stress test for their website, they failed.

      I fought their website for 20mins managing to get through all the registering and what not and when it came for that very final confirmation click after making the account, putting in details, payment info etc...

      Sold out.

      Screw you mwave. You've earned my scorn for life.

    Shipping cost to NSW approx 20 :(

    i just went to one of the dicksmith stores that are closing down and got a 4TB seagate hard drive for $150

    Yeah, not so good with the $20.00 postage though!

    They guys have always had great deals, I have been buying my computer parts from them for years after getting a cheap D-link ADSL modem from them, at the time they had a shop right around the corner from me, I never knew they were there. Even thought I have sinced moved, I still make my way there to buy my stuff. However, I am worried that they will head the way of stores like Harris Tech with all this spending on advertising. I hope they don't go overboard with the glossy ads and stick to the photocopy parts price lists.

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