Let This 4G-Powered Robot Tell You The Story Of Star Wars

Optus brought a special guest along to its 4G launch today: a robot powered by the company's experimental TD-LTE network that's here to tell you the story of Star Wars like you've never heard it before.

This robot is cute but there's always the feeling at the back of your brain like it's about to go over all autonomous and murder you. And because it's on TD-LTE, you'd be dead faster than ever before.


    Why do they let geeks try marketing?! SHUT UP! Let the demo do the
    selling (and entertaining). You can talk later!

    Where can i buy one and how much does it cost? i want it now. NOW I

    The robot was good, but it felt more that they were selling the
    robots instead of the network there. Also, that looks remarkably
    like a QRIO, which I thought Sony stopped making.

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