Leaked Canon Mirrorless Camera Just Made Me Excited About Digital Photography Again

I have a big Canon DSLR which I never use. I also stopped using my compact a very long time ago, when the iPhone 3G came out -- a classic example of convenience winning over quality. But this tiny beauty, Canon's new EOS-M mirrorless camera with EF-M lens mount, is making me drool for a gadget again based on its looks alone.

It comes with a EF-M 22mm f/2 STM. The image was leaked by a Japanese site and the camera is supposed to launch next week. [Digicame-info via Photorumors via Fstoppers]


    It's making you droll? What a shame.

    Disappointing that Canon, like Nikon and Sony, have not decided to issue mirror less systems which work with the micro 4/3 standard. I have an Olympus PEN E-P3 which is fabulous. The Nikon smaller diameter field means you can't easily blur the landscape for portraiture (the reason why automatics never achieve the quality of DSLRs), and the NEX Sony series are plagued with technical issues.

    I have had my NEX5n for 6 months, using -very- regularly and have had no technical issues at all. Much better photo quality than any micro 4/3 too.

    It's good that Canon goes down the APS-C path but this camera is ugly. It seems both Nikon and Canon will announce another mirrorless before the end of the year so hopefully it will pack a bit more features.

    Agree with Vincent, it's ugly and quite frankly looks like a cheap instamtic. Somehow the styling of the NEX series catches my eye better. I think Canon need to go back and do some more work in this area. Yes I know it's more about the end result, but looks will inspire people to take it out more.

    It's about time Canon got in on the mirrorless large-sensor game.

    No EVF built-in, no EVF attachment possible, = failure. Even Sony learnt their mistake.

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