Kim Dotcom Launches Vicious Offensive Against World With New Song Of Mass Destruction

Dear US Government, please, for the love of all that is good and sacred and covered with bolognese sauce, please drop your case against Kim Dotcom. Let him get back to his naff life of food and lewd.

Perhaps that way he would stop releasing songs of mass destruction like his new single: Mr. President. Just listen to it and you will know that's the right thing to do. Thanks! [Torrentfreak]


    I loved it. Great work Kim.

    This is all becoming a huge joke.

    Just read the Youtube comments. 1% commenting?

    This song is Awsome. Also available on torrent!

    Share this song.. Only!

    Also available via iTunes for $0.99!

    The only vicious offensive was the illegal SWATting of Kim Dotcom, and the terrorising of an 8 month pregnant woman and her children by NZ officials on behalf of the FBI and apparently corrupt US Justice Department...

    Sux! Sounds like a song from SouthPark - which doesn't suck!

    20trillion in tax havens and they want to stop piracy.

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