Is This The Best, Most Evil Parenting Trick Ever?

I don't know who had the genius idea to put up this sticky note, but as evil as it may seem for kids all around the world, it's the best parenting tip I've ever seen in today's era of underage internet junkies.

Or is it evil? Discuss. [9gag via Fuckyeahdementia via Buzzfeed]


    not sure what a kid who is not old enough to know how to plug directly into the modem needs to use the internet unsupervised on wifi for anyway

      Confiscate all cables?

        You'd be surprised at just how stupid kids are these days.

          now this, this is the truth.

      I wouldn't be surprised if many kids had no idea there were such
      things as networking cables. Plus the modem can be password
      protected too. Overall a neat idea provided you can keep the modem
      password a secret,

        Urm. Press the reset button on the modem. Back to square one silly

          You would need to know the ADSL password and details too.

            Yeah, but factory defaults on most modems = no internet. I think
            this is a brilliant idea and when my kids are old enough to want to
            use the internet then this will be enforced.

          Except of course if the kids don't know the passwords for the ISP
          that will need to be put back into the router before it'll work.
          Ahh, details. ;)

          Easy keep the router in a locked bookcase

          Modem is in parents bedroom. Hello!

      You could have mac address filtering in place for cable
      connections, so it doesn't allow any cable connections (I'm fairly
      sure you can do this), or access to only one device. Sure you can
      have mac-address spoofing, but if your child can do this, it's
      probably already too late in trying to restrict access in this way.
      I think it's an awesome idea.

        My work cisco modem lets me isolate Ethernet from Wifi and choose
        which is allowed on the WAN

          I have a MAC filter on my very old Belkin modem. When I deem the
          children (including live at home 19yo) need moderation on their
          internet consumption, this gets flicked on. When they insist that
          they need the net for homework, I throttle all ports associated
          with gaming/teamspeak etc. just to be sure ;)

            Nazi Parents from Hell

      Router may also be out of reach / locked up I think it's a great
      idea - although it must be a bit of a pain for the kids to keep
      re-entering a new password into their device each time, especially
      into a console with a game pad.

      You can restrict cable usage based on MAC address, therefore making
      wifi the only option, therefore making those choirs a must-do if
      you need your daily hit of porn and torrents.

    That is hilarious. Also evil. But mostly hilarious.

    Damn kids are lazy these days...You have to feel sad for them

    Why does this kid have multiple beds?

      Why do you think this isn't directed at all the kids in the house?

    Seems pretty reasonable, regardless of how much they'd complain :P

    And guess who's stuck with the massive data bill when they little
    sh*ts switch to 3G for their Carly Rae Jepsen youtube fix..

    I do this in my house with adults... but I think kids are more
    clever about getting around these things. They always have a geeky
    friend with tips and tricks about beating the parents (be it
    grounding or wifi/parental controls).

    Isn't the Internet a human right these days? lol.

      Only in a few countries.

    McDonald free WIFI

    Ha, when I was a kid we got one hour of internet a week and if we
    wanted any more it cost us $2.50 an hour!

    *old man voice* When I were a lad, there wasn't such a thing as
    wifi. All we had was a 32kb modem. If we needed to download
    something at 1mb, we would start it before our dinner time, have
    dinner, do the dishes, dry up and put away all before mum had to
    make a phone call and reset our download.

      lol, when I was a kid there wasn't an internet! Then we got a ZX81
      and had to type all the programs in BASIC into it if we wanted to
      do anything... and we had to walk barefoot 50 miles in the snow
      backwards whilst carrying my sister and....... :)

    Great idea. My parents used to lock away the keyboard, that
    wouldn't do much with all the wireless devices around these days.

    How is this in any way shape or form, evil. It's called "good

    I remember back in highschool mum would put the Telstra dial lock
    on the phone with a new password all the time. We'd come home from
    school and hit "redial" and listen to the tone to learn the
    password, and then make sure we had put it back on before mum
    finished work. We were only caught out when my sister slacked off
    and forgot to turn it back on , and mum came home and turned the
    dial lock on instead of off.

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