Is This Rooftop Dining Set The Worst Design Idea Ever?

You don't have to look all that far to find crappy ideas. The world is littered with the mental detritus of foolish designers. But this rooftop dining set? Ugh. Why?

On paper, this Rigid Roof Furniture concept by Lithuanian design graduate Ainė Bunikytė could almost be a good idea. We get it: The world is getting increasingly crowded with people, so you want to squeeze as much use out of your space as possible. The roof is wasted space! Plus, who doesn't love sitting on the roof on a nice day?

But then you stand up. Your date plunges off the building, and your romantic rooftop meal comes to an abrupt end. The unwieldy design is certain death for diners -- in fact, is this actually the worst design idea of all time? [Dezeen]


    It *has* to be a hoax, right...?

      This is actually a great idea if positioned right

    Really? This, is stupid? But a periscope floaty thing for adults is a good idea, and so is an iPhone case that lets you strap it onto your bottle? I don't understand this website sometimes, this is actually a legitimate idea, and I'm sure those of us with better motor control and balance than you will have no trouble ensuring our dates don't slip off the roof and die. And if they do, who cares, excellent lawsuit + comedy material.

    Typical. I have a curved roof and this is never going to work..

    My parents live in an area where you can't build a second storey, but the roof of their house has an awesome view from it! I'd love to eat dinner up their (with a proper table, I've done it with a stable table
    And, if you're a real klutz you're going to fall one storey, you'll be hurt, sure, but dead, no.

    Good for a cup of tea while there is a flood

    Actually think its a good idea

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