Is There Anyone Stupid Enough To Believe That This HDMI Cable Has Anti-Virus Protection?

This "Xbox 360 Elite HDMI cable" should be just like any other HDMI cable in the planet, right? Wrong! According to the box, it's a "100 per cent Mylar" double shield 1.3c grade cable with anti-virus protection to reduce virus noises and to obtain perfect image transmission". Yes, really.

Now, forget about the fact that this company should get sued into hell for fantasy claims that make no sense whatsoever. That's obvious. What I really -- REALLY -- want to know is if there is any people in the world so stupidly stupid as to believe that a virus may attack your video cables and cause noise.

These crooks probably went to the Monster Cable marketing school. [Thanks Jorge!]



    Don't know why second picture is there, makes no sense.

    Anyway [email protected]

      Do you seriously think this is from Microsoft? Really?

        There are people out there who think everything is microsoft. 'Agh, my iphone's broken! Thanks, microsoft!"

        See also 'thanks, Obama'

          And nobody ever says "Thanks, myself" :(

          +1 on THAT!
          I deal with them every day (I work in a Battery Store).
          "Stupid Telstra can't make a good phone like Nokia use to!" after having dropped their phone in a pool and being refused warranty.

          I still blame Jeff Kennet for everything.

          Bus running late? "Bloody Jeff"
          Bad phone signal? "Bloody Jeff"
          Petrol price goes up before I remember to fill up? "Bloody Jeff"
          Can't find my keys? "Bloody Jeff"

            That's funny, in Queensland we now blame Campbell Newman for everything.
            But he just blames the previous Labor Government.

              so true lol


    Can only assume translation issues and it's meant to be about insulating against noise from the environment.

    Only assume..

      hahahaha well my samsung galaxy s2 stopped working and knowing quite well all optus do is put crapware on the phone and on sell it to me, i got a new phone out of it.... optus, its you're phone, and its not working


    I'm guessing this is a non-Microsoft sanctioned product?

    I really hope its a lost in translation situation.

    I was wondering why my pictures wern't showing up in HD..because of the virus all my visual looks like the good ol' VHS tapes on a crt tv...bringing it old

      no..that is just how xbox graphics look

    lol now I'm curious what a virus sounds like.

    I have seen legit TOSLINK optical cables state that they have "gold plated terminals for high fidelity signal"

    I asked the sales guy whether it was a special type of gold that allows light to pass through it.. He didn't get the joke.. :P

      but high fidelity means high quality sound?

    I'LL TAKE 50!!

    the more I have the less I will get viruses, I will hang them from every door frame and window in my house.

    Have you ever seen an HDMI cable with Ebola ? Job done....

      Lisa: "By your logic, I can argue that this rock keeps tigers away"
      Homer: "Oh? How does it work?"
      Lisa: "It doesn't. It's just a stupid rock. But I don't see any tigers around here, do you?"
      Homer: *glances around* "Lisa. I want to buy your rock"
      Lisa: *shakes her head, then gives in and takes a wad of cash from Homer*

      But joking aside, I have never seen a HDMI cable with the ebola virus, so you're 100% correct.

    until someone gets a virus through their hdmi cable or excessive virus noises, the claim is valid, i guess.

      i dunno, this product probably sells for $5 whereas other manufacturers/retailers sell identical cables for $40 because otherwise your image quality will suffer...... and you say THESE guys are the crooks??

    I'm assuming it's an error of translations. Translators probably aren't technicians and probably have no idea what signal noise is.

    This is old. I remember reading about this months ago.

      Be that as it may, this is the first time I've seen this.

    " if there is any people in the world so stupidly stupid as to believe that a virus may attack your video cables and cause noise. '
    Yes, there are. They are the same fools who buy the Monster Cables alluded to in the article.

    Are they talking about Crosstalk over cables they may be near the HDMI cable and not a computer virus?

      HDMI with Ethernet? Possible, but considering doing so on a connection would require an active element (or blocking the Ethernet...), it wouldn't be worth the mess.

    Well since none of their customers has had their TV or XBOX infected with a virus via the HDMI cable I'd say it was a reasonable claim.

    It's like nutella claiming to have less sugar than jam and less fat than peanut butter.

      How is it like nutella claiming to have less sugar than jam and less fat than peanut butter? I see nothing obviously logically wrong with that statement?

    Yes, there are people who would believe it. They're called 'customers'

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