Is Australia Too Entitled About Tech And TV?

Australia's a funny place. We're currently occupying the largest island in the world with but a handful of people by comparison, and yet when it comes to technology like tablets and smartphones, and TV shows like Game Of Thrones and The Walking Dead, we expect to have them at the same time and at the same price as our US counterparts. Are we being too entitled?

Perhaps it's the fact that our popular culture is so heavily influenced by that of the US that we feel like the poor cousins that miss out on nice things meant for North Americans. We see what they're getting and pout when we can't have it immediately.

Or perhaps we're not entitled at all, and it's ridiculous to think that with something as pervasive as the internet we still have to wait a week and a day for Game of Thrones to appear locally online without the stigma of piracy nor should we think it's special that we only have to wait 33 hours for the next instalment of The Walking Dead?

What do you think? Are we too entitled when it comes to tech and entertainment?

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    Yep ok the last episode of Game of Thrones season 2 just came out in the US, I've got a day or two until it's all over forums, fansites, podcasts, communities on you know, the internet.  

    dw I'd happily pay $10 or even $15-20 for a HD version to watch now, I  just stream it on Netflix - nope, Hulu plus -nope, iTunes - nope.  

    And oh wait, there is absolutely no way that I have or would be able to get an internet connection any time in the next 3 or 4 years that could accomodate video streaming with any consistency, a 100gb+ download LTE modem is more likely to arrive in my area before the NBN. 

    My only other option is to get a direct fibre optic connection, which still wouldn't qualify me for any of these streaming services. 

    I'm not going to get cable TV because I don't want to pay $80 a month for 24/7 f***ing american dad, wwe or LFL, just to maybe get to watch the latest GoT or the wire once a week.  

    What's that you say? There are websites where I can download this in HD? Regardless of my download speed? As soon as it's aired? Set up on a transfer system that can actually BENEFIT from high traffic rather than simply crashing like so many ftp servers? And once I download it I can simply keep it, it won't "expire" or lock itself after 2 weeks? 

    These various, suffering industries need to realise that their solitary argument that it is unethical is kinda feeble and the illegality of the act relies on it being even remotely policeable (it isn't) they need realise that they are COMPETING with piracy.  To see the success of online, on-demand, paid distribution services like iTunes that have been successful and build on this model. 

    The word "entitled" is hardly valid, we are consumers who have access to a faster, cheaper, less restricted, better product, simple as that. 

    "stigma" - lol

      That's exactly right. Those using the word "entitled" are only whining about what they imagine as whining.
      The true argument is a simple one of supply and demand- If the local market is unable to supply the demand, that doesn't make the demand go away, it just finds an alternative supply.

    We are made to pay double what they pay, we are forced to wait weeks even months for shows to arrive here. We live in a world where importing a game from the UK is cheaper then buying nationally and a world where I can watch basically anything I wnat except on a official site because of......something.....

    So no we are not entitled we are tired of being dicked around

    tl;dr Australia is the world's smallest continent.

    I think as a Commonwealth Nation Canada should expel all US citizens and build a wall to keep them out and the same goes for all the other commonwealth countries. Cut the telecom links into the US or its allies from all commonwealth nations and build some big planet smashing nukes we can position in every commonwealth nation.

    How is it not obvious to the media industry that their current approach is flawed and failing fast... it seems big business today is all about sitting on your arse pointing fingers, playing the blame game and litigating (Apple anyone?).
    Wouldn't it be far more constructive to take a snapshot of the current landscape , acknowledge that successful business is about appealing to the people and developing a model that does just that...
    No business in history has survived without people to support it either directly or indirectly so irrespective of the moral argument, piracy is a pure and simply a consequence of business failure and is better treated as such (rather than blaming the people).
    Peoples sense of "entitlement" is what keeps business alive, so here's a thought for the media industry... come up with a new business model that delivers what people feel "entitled" to. Yes, it might mean working with ISP's to "recoup unrealised profits" but you do what you can to survive right (before somebody else does the honour)?

    Australia is the exception to the rule.

    We're essentially forced into piracy when it's all said and done. Between delays and ridiculous prices, it's almost like they're telling us to pirate since they don't give a shit about us anyway.

    If they don't care enough about our money, then why would they care if we pirate? We're "such a small market" anyway right?

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