Is Australia Too Entitled About Tech And TV?

Is Australia Too Entitled About Tech And TV?

Australia’s a funny place. We’re currently occupying the largest island in the world with but a handful of people by comparison, and yet when it comes to technology like tablets and smartphones, and TV shows like Game Of Thrones and The Walking Dead, we expect to have them at the same time and at the same price as our US counterparts. Are we being too entitled?

Perhaps it’s the fact that our popular culture is so heavily influenced by that of the US that we feel like the poor cousins that miss out on nice things meant for North Americans. We see what they’re getting and pout when we can’t have it immediately.

Or perhaps we’re not entitled at all, and it’s ridiculous to think that with something as pervasive as the internet we still have to wait a week and a day for Game of Thrones to appear locally online without the stigma of piracy nor should we think it’s special that we only have to wait 33 hours for the next instalment of The Walking Dead?

What do you think? Are we too entitled when it comes to tech and entertainment?

Image: Tantrum by Ryan Boren, CC 2.0