iOS And Mac Apps Crashing Because Of Corrupt App Store Updates

The Verge is reporting that Apple's trusty App Store is offering up corrupt apps for download, supplying updates that are buggy and tend to crash as soon as they're launched.

So far apps such as Instapaper, GoodReader, PDX Bus and Angry Birds Space HD Free have all been observed to display the problem, but we suspect there are more. In some cases — such as with the Mac app SmartReporter — the problem has even been observed to appear and then quickly be rectified.

According to the Verge, developers from GoodReader have explained that "the problem stems from an encryption issue on the App Store side, resulting in customers receiving binaries that iOS refuses to launch." In the meantime, then, it might make sense to avoid updating any apps you plan to rely on, at least until Apple announces the problem is fixed.

Have you been noticing any similar problems? Lets us know in the comments. [The Verge]



    The Kaching update today is doing this for me. at least not having easy access to my balance means i won't spend it lol

      +1. Updated my Commbank kaching app and now it's FUBAR.

    The app WatchmeChange doesn't launch indeed since I've updated it yesterday... Let's hope this will be fixed soon!

    645 Pro camera. Since I updated it I continually get the "Authorise your iphone for this computer" crap. And once I punch in the password and hit enter, it comes up again and again. Giving me the severe irits I can tell you.

    They are just busy trying to copy androids crashes so they can sue the millions of buggy android roms

    The Perisher app is doing this!

    Dropbox did this the other day. It just crashed every time you tried to load it - regardless of closing the app in the background first, or starting the app after rebooting or hard resetting the phone.

    I ended up re-installing and it's fine again.

    I feel sorry for the developers getting one stars because of this, effectively taking the flak while Apple dance around queries about the issue. Say what you want about Google, but they at least acknowledge issues.

    Also affected is "reshift" astronomy app. They have now have a note on the app store saying not to download the new update.

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