I'll Drink To That: Boats Made Out Of Beer Cans Set Sail In Darwin

The annual Beer Can Regatta was held in Darwin over the weekend, with boats held above the waterline by nothing but empty tins of brew floating off a beach in the Top End, as cool as you like.

It's the most Australian of all festivals, this. According to a report by the ABC there's everything from sausage sizzles to thong-throwing.

The most impressive boat by far at the event this year was a beer can barge floated offshore that, in the shot we see, has about 10 people standing around having a drink. Best. Boat. Ever.

Follow the via link for the awesome video report. [ABC]


    Don't look...Its our secret shame...a city full of drunks and a government who prefers it that way to angry riots and uprisings...

    Do you even live in Darwin Sean??? Also You should of seen that boat when it had 100 people on it. Was frickin awesome!

    look boat people!!!!

    See back about 15 years ago, the boats were actually all made of nothing but cans, these days unfortunately they have laxed the rules, and they allow boats that just "look" made of beercans.
    A few years back i saw a group who just covered thier tinny in cans on the outside.

    Does this make anyone think of the Darwin awards?


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